Vote Medical Marijuana Congressional Scorecard

No matter how the 2018 midterm elections turnout, Congress will look very different on January 1, 2019. Between the House and the Senate, fifty-six members (and counting) have announced they are not seeking reelection due to resignation, retirement, ethics issues, or seeking higher office. While neither party is predicted to pick up all of the available seats, the 116th Congress will have over four dozen individuals who have never voted on federal cannabis policy. The 2018 midterm elections have the possibility to permanently change the federal government's stance on medical cannabis.

Cannabis policy will also have an important role on state level politics. Utah, Missouri, and some counties in Wisconsin will have medical cannabis on the ballot in November. Michigan will have an adult use initiative on the ballot, which may mean new rules and regulations for patients and patient access. Many gubernatorial candidates, like those in Maryland, and other state office holders have made cannabis policy central components of their campaign.

Your vote is critically important. Use this guide to be informed at the ballot box.


*It is important to note that many members of Congress who were elected in 2016 or 2017 may not receive a grade that accurately reflects their commitment to patients. Further, there are many cannabis bills that we did not score as part of our rubric. If there is any doubt about a grade of an elected official please contact us at