Medical Cannabis Advocate's Training Center The Medical Cannabis Advocate's Training Center

ASA believes that good policy is created when those who are most affected are at the table. Just because you are medical cannabis patient, it doesn't mean that you automatically have a degree in public policy. ASA has always been committed to demystifying political systems and providing advocates the tools they need to participate in the processes in a meaningful way. Learn all about grassroots organizing, citizen lobbying, media spokesperson training, and much more.

In This Section

Resources for Tabling and Lobby Days

Need educational information on medical cannabis for you event? Here is a list of our most popular educational materials for you to download and print for free. Pick any documents you think will be most useful or appropriate for your event, of choose them all, it’s up to you!

A. The Informed Advocate

The best advocate is an informed advocate. The history of medical cannabis advocacy is a rich one, filled with brave individuals like you. The key to being an effective advocate is a firm understanding of our history, the political landscape in which you are operating, the rules of engagement and the ability to articulate your needs.

B. Finding Your Voice

In order to be an effective advocate, you will need to find your voice. The training in this section will help you merge your personal experiences with strategic messages that will help you meet your political goals.

C. Using Your Voice

Every political campaign will include a variety of strategies and tactics. This section will expose you to several strategies you can utilize in your advocacy and give you step by step instructions on how to master them.

D. Building a Movement

While it is true that a few individuals can accomplish a lot, it will take a strong, vibrant movement for us to achieve our ultimate goal - safe and legal access for all Americans. This section will give you the tools you need to build a strong movement that will help you reach your political goals.

E. Joining a Movement

When joining a movement, you are making not only a commitment to an issue, but a commitment to other individuals in our struggle. In our movement, our brothers and sisters are vulnerable to criminal sanctions. This section will go over programs and projects you can incorporate into your advocacy that support our movement.

Resources for Organizers

Everything you need to be an effective activist: handbooks, outreach materials, graphics and more!