The mission of Americans for Safe Access Foundation (ASA) is to ensure safe and legal access to cannabis (marijuana) for therapeutic use and research.

Steph Sherer's 20 Years of Medical Cannabis Advocacy Presentation ASA was founded in 2002, by medical cannabis patient Steph Sherer, as a vehicle for patients to advocate for the acceptance of cannabis as medicine. With over 150,000 active supporters in all 50 states, ASA is the largest national member-based organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research.

ASA works to overcome political, social, and legal barriers by creating policies that improve access to medical cannabis for patients and researchers through legislation, education, litigation, research, grassroots empowerment, advocacy and services for patients, governments, medical professionals, and medical cannabis providers.

ASA and our members have moved public policy forward by incorporating strategies across many disciplines. ASA has brought together policy experts, public health experts, attorneys, lobbyists, scientists, industry associations and medical professionals to create the campaigns, projects and programs that have broken down political, social, academic, and legal barriers across the US.

  • ASA occupies a seat at the table for medical cannabis patients in policy matters.
  • ASA changed the national dialogue about medical cannabis.
  • ASA created a global patient network.
  • ASA has passed local, state, and federal laws.
  • ASA has fought and won in state and federal courts.
  • ASA has provided quality legal and medical education for medical cannabis stakeholders.
  • ASA brought cannabis back into the Herbal Pharmacopeia.
  • ASA has created product safety standards for medical cannabis products.
  • ASA has trained thousands of patient advocates on civil engagement.
  • ASA has created accredited education programs for doctors, patients, and providers.

Everyday ASA staff are on the frontline of the medical cannabis movement working with our members to shape policy and public opinion moving toward our goals. By participating in this movement, you are helping create the future of medical cannabis in your city, state, and nation. By joining ASA, you can help ensure that we will reach our goals!

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