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Medical Marijuana Access in The United States - 2018

This report reflect a complete analysis of medical cannabis programs across the United States and an effort to objectively evaluate how those programs serve the patients who live under them. “Medical Marijuana Access in the United States: A Patient-Focused Analysis of the Patchwork of State Laws” has been updated, expanded and refined over the last three years to convey the state of medical cannabis in America, serve as a tool for comparing different laws and regulations, and assign simple letter grades.

Medical Cannabis in America- The Medical Cannabis Briefing Book, 115th Congress

This briefing book is intended for the members of the 115th Congress and the President of the United States to help them make informed decisions on medical cannabis policy.

Cannabis and Cannabis Resin- Critical Review Preparation Document

Prepared and reviewed by the Speakers and Attendees of ASA's 2016 National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference for presentation to the United Nations Special Assembly. This document is structured according to WHO review standards.

The DEA’s Denial of Existing Medical Cannabis Research

Created in direct response to the DEA's decision not to reschedule cannabis. This report demonstrates the weakness of the DEA's analysis by attempting to correct the errors present in the DEA's argument.

Where Will Patients Get Their Medicine?

“Where Will Patients Obtain Their Medicine?” a white paper on the impact of medical cannabis dispensaries on patient's, teen cannabis use, crime and communities.

Third Time the Charm?

A White Paper on State Laws on Medical Cannabis Distribution and Department of Justice Guidance on Enforcement

Patients in the Crossfire

Federal interference with state medical cannabis programs has patients and providers caught in the crossfire. This report tells some of their stories.

Patient Cultivation

Medical cannabis patients need patient cultivation for a variety of reasons. This report explains why.

California Dispensary Report

Updated for 2011, the ASA Dispensary Report reviews the experience of various municipalities that have implemented a regulated approach to the distribution of medical cannabis, based on information from public officials and other community members.

Massachusetts Dispensary Report

Massachusetts is implementing a dispensary model to provide access for patients. This is a report on the rules and regulations for the state, as well as an overview of why and how dispensaries work for patients and communities.