While over 90% of Americans support medical cannabis generally, unless you are a medical cannabis patient, you probably don’t understand the nuances of medical cannabis policy. That is why medical cannabis patient advocacy is so important. It is up to us continue to inform policymakers that we still need their help and to keep issues facing medical cannabis in the public discourse. 

There is no major conspiracy against medical cannabis. The reality is that cannabis policy is complicated, and we have yet to create a federal program that can effectively regulate medical cannabis and foster its evolution.

Imagine a world where your medicine is covered by health insurance, where your doctor can write a prescription, and where you don’t have to worry about traveling, applying for a job, or losing benefits. Imagine a world where you can work with your doctor to find a cannabis product that works for you, that you can always find that product, and that it is the same product every time. Imagine a world where your loved ones can talk openly with their medical professionals at every level of care about cannabis therapeutics, even during hospitalization and during hospice.

That world is possible, but only if we keep fighting for a change in federal law.  We can only pass federal legislation and improve state programs with your help! 

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On July 9th, the House Appropriations Committee passed a version of the CJS appropriations bill that included language to block the rescheduling efforts from moving forward. Also, a modification to the medical cannabis amendment we passed in 2014 ...