Since 2002, Americans for Safe Access (ASA) has been at the forefront of the medical cannabis movement, making significant strides in ensuring safe and legal access to medical cannabis for all Americans. At ASA, we recognize the transformative power of grassroots advocacy in driving change and the active involvement of thousands of committed individuals have been essential to our success! 

Plug in to one of ASA's campaigns today and become of the movement!

Compassion 2024

We need your help! Using grassroots strategies, we aim to deepen the national understanding of issues facing medical cannabis patients, garner support for medical cannabis integration into national healthcare, and prepare for the next Congress. Ra...

Safe Access 4 All

The Safe Access 4 All Campaign aims to raise public awareness, mobilize action, and ultimately achieve federal legislation that guarantees safe access to medical cannabis for all Americans. Join us!

What's In Your Cannabis?

This campaign draws attention to issues of product safety and cannabis products beginning with a report on gaps in testing for dangerous contaminants.

Medical Cannabis Equity Campaign

The Medical Cannabis Equity Campaign's goal is to protect medical cannabis patient access & rights while states adopt adult-use recreational programs.