Join us in the fight for safe access to medical cannabis for all Americans!

Despite the progress made in recent years, there are still millions of patients who are unable to benefit from this life-changing treatment.

It's time to change federal laws and ensure that every American, no matter where they live or what condition they have, has the freedom to choose medical cannabis as a viable option for their health needs.

For 25 years, state medical cannabis laws have demonstrated that comprehensive federal legislation is the key to providing safe access to medical cannabis for all Americans. The current state-by-state compassionate-use model leaves behind numerous individuals, including patients residing in states hesitant to pass medical cannabis laws or in states with very restrictive laws, federal employees and contractors, and veterans relying on VA medical services. Even in states with medical cannabis and/or adult use programs fail to address many medical and logistical requirements, limiting access to a privileged few.

A graphic comprised of a map of the US with states color coded by their access to medical cannabis, an image of the ASA podium in from of the US Capital and two text boxes. Each has a header with a list of statistics. The first header reads: Medical cannabis in the US. The statistics are: 6,000,000 legal medical cannabis patients, 93% popular support nation-wide, 41 states with medical cannabis access programs (plus D.C. and 4 territories), 7 states with CBD programs, 8,000+ dispensaries operating with state licenses, 500,000+ people working in medical cannabis market, 98% Americans living in states with medical cannabis laws. The second heading reads: Why we are still fighting. The statistics are: 9,000,000 veterans using VA health services, 1,870,000 federal employees, 112,846,000 Americans living with chronic pain, 100+ opioid deaths each day, 2,100,000 Americans in Section 8 housing (23% are disabled), 1,720,000 Americans in hospice, 630,000 US postal workers, 37,900,000 Americans living in poverty.Unfortunately, this crisis remains hidden from the public eye, leading to a false perception that the battle for safe access has already been won. As a result, there are only a few individuals demanding change and engaging their federal officials. Most patients feel alone in wanting more, and we can assure you, you are not alone!

Patients across the country are unhappy with the current system and we can not sit back and let the misconception that safe access has already been won hinder our progress any longer.

The Safe Access 4 All Campaign aims to raise public awareness, mobilize action, and ultimately achieve federal legislation that guarantees safe access to medical cannabis for all Americans. By joining our campaign, you become an integral part of a nationwide movement working towards a future where everyone can benefit from the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis, no matter of location, condition, or financial ability.

How can you contribute to the Safe Access 4 All Campaign?

Spread the Word

Spread the Word

Share our campaign's mission and goals with your friends, family, and community. Together, we can raise awareness and shed light on the urgent need for federal medical cannabis legislation.



Engage with federal officialsEngage with Federal officials

Reach out to your elected representatives and senators, urging them to support and champion federal medical cannabis legislation. Your voice matters, and collective pressure can drive real change.



Advocate for Change

Advocate for change

Reach out to other organization and attend local events to educate your neighbors and sign people up for the campaign. By actively participating in discussions and engaging with like-minded individuals, we can create a strong network of advocates pushing for comprehensive reform.



Support the campaign

Support the campaign

Make a donation to help fund our efforts. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us closer to achieving safe access for all Americans. Together, we can make a difference.



stay informedStay informed

Keep up-to-date with the latest news and developments regarding medical cannabis legislation. Sign up for our newsletter, follow our social media channels, and stay connected with the campaign's progress.




Let's work together to ensure that medical cannabis is accessible to every American in need. Join the Safe Access 4 All Campaign today and be a part of the movement that will transform lives and shape a better future for medical cannabis patients nationwide. Together, we can make safe access a reality for all.


Join the Safe Access 4 All Campaign: Ensuring Equal Medical Cannabis Access for All Americans.

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