Demand Federal Rights for Medical Cannabis Patients

Cannabis therapeutics are helping millions of Americans, often where all traditional options have failed or as a safer treatment option, and have changed how many patients and their medical professionals approach treatment for a variety of chronic illnesses. While state-level initiatives have demonstrated the potential of medical cannabis, the lack of federal laws and regulations poses challenges for patients, researchers, and medical practitioners, keeping cannabis treatments from reaching their full potential.

A national medical cannabis program would fill this void, ensuring uniformity in regulations, restoring rights for medical cannabis patients, creating nationwide access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research, and forging a new, purpose-built pathway for cannabis therapeutics.

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In the absence of a national medical cannabis program, the future of medical cannabis is uncertain with a high probability of regulations and products only being developed for the intoxicant and dietary supplement industries. Such a regulatory environment would perpetuate most of the issues facing patients under the status quo: it would be unlikely that standardized, evidence-based products would be brought to market, doctors would learn about and utilize cannabis treatments, insurance providers would cover medication costs or that patients would be free of discrimination and stigma for their treatments.

Americans for Safe Access has developed a legislative framework for a national medical cannabis program that builds on the knowledge from the state-level experiment and includes input from patients, regulators, researchers, medical professionals, medical cannabis providers, and patient originations, and incorporates the experience of the 65 countries with federal medical cannabis programs. 

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