The crisis created by the lack of a federal medical cannabis program is hidden from the public eye, creating a sense among potential supporters, policymakers, and even many cannabis advocates that the fight for safe access has already been won. This means fewer individuals engaging in advocacy demanding federal change and media coverage focusing on cannabis businesses rather than covering issues facing patients.

This is the time for advocates to feel empowered to raise awareness and engage policymakers to highlight the critical need for a federal medical cannabis program, and to mobilize individuals to take meaningful steps towards bringing patient issues to the forefront.

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Take the initiative to connect with your elected representatives at the federal level. By sharing scientific information, personal stories, and the urgency of the situation, advocates can foster direct dialogue with policymakers, ensuring that the issues faced by patients are acknowledged and addressed on a legislative level.

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Work to shift media coverage from primarily focusing on cannabis businesses to the issues that patients encounter due to the lack of a federal medical cannabis program. By providing accurate information, statistics, and personal narratives, advocates can encourage the media to spotlight the challenges patients face and the potential benefits of comprehensive medical cannabis legislation.

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Personal narratives have the power to humanize the issues and drive emotional connections. By sharing your own experiences or those of loved ones impacted by the absence of a federal medical cannabis program, you can create relatable stories that resonate with the public, policymakers, and the media alike.

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Utilize ASA’s Outreach Toolkit to amplify your message and help build a movement that demands attention for patient needs and creates the pressure for Congress to address them.

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