Federal Legislation Toolkit


ASA has created a legislative framework with input from patients, regulators, researchers, medical professionals, medical cannabis providers and patient organizations that would create a national medical cannabis program by changing the schedule of cannabis to a newly created Schedule VI and create the Office of Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoid Control (OMCCC), housed under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

This Legislative Tool Kit provides a comprehensive set of resources to help advocates inform themselves and others about the proposed national medical cannabis program. By utilizing these tools, advocates can effectively engage with their communities and representatives to foster understanding, support, and enthusiasm for passing federal medical cannabis legislation.


This concise document provides an overview of the legislative framework, outlining its key components and benefits. Use it as a handout when doing outreach or something to leave behind when visiting policymakers.



This resource equips advocates with a visual aid to facilitate discussions and to use when giving a presentation. The presentation effectively communicates the rationale behind the legislation, its function, and the positive impacts of establishing a national medical cannabis program.



For those seeking an in-depth understanding of the proposed changes, you can download the complete text of the legislative language here.



Send a letter to your federal representatives asking them to support medical cannabis patients and legislation and to prioritize these issues moving forward.

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