Movement Building

Outreach and Recruitment

Movements are not created overnight and they do not last without a constant flow of new participants and members. Outreach and recruitment is the most vital part of movement building. While one or two committed people can be effective in their advocacy, the struggle for safe and legal access requires diverse community input and includes several stages.

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Volunteer and Leadership Development

Chapter members and volunteers are the lifeblood of ASA. It is important to remember that people come to ASA with different skills and abilities. It is also important to understand that each member may have different needs. For example, new members can often feel overwhelmed and lost at meetings, while veteran members may feel bored or disconnected. Here are some tips on how to develop and retain effective volunteers

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Coalition Building

A coalition is a group of organizations and individuals working together for a common purpose. There are two types of coalitions:

1) "One issue" or event coalitions where all of the participants have agreed on one particular issue. The coalition is dissolved when the particular issue at hand has been solved or the event has been coordinated.

2) "Multi issue" coalitions have related issues. This more permanent type of coalition recognizes the value of mobilizing together for action over a longer time frame. To be effective, the "multi issue" coalition should have a date or multiple dates set for work to be completed. The coalition can always be reorganized and reconfigured if there is still a need for movement

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