Vote Medical Marijuana North Dakota Congressional Scorecard

Medical Use Ballot Measure: North Dakota Medical Marijuana Legalization, Measure 5

ASA’s Position: Support

North Dakota’s Measure 5 would create a comprehensive medical cannabis program for the patients of the state. The program would create access for patients at retail dispensaries, but would also allow patients to grow up to 8 plants if they live 40 or more miles away from the nearest dispensary. The program would one of the strictest in nation in that it would allow the ND Department of Health to conduct in-person patient interviews in order to determine eligibility. Despite this provision, Measure 5 would be a vast improvement upon the status quo. ASA supports North Dakota’s Measure 5.

Federal Report Card

Senate District Party Grade
Heitkamp, Heidi Democrat No Grade

Voting Record Pro-medical marijuana vote

Year Vote Name Vote
No voting history.

Co-Sponsored Bills

Year Bill Name
Hoeven, John Republican F
House District Party Grade
Cramer, Kevin Republican B-