Vote Medical Marijuana Montana Congressional Scorecard

Medical Use Ballot Measure: Montana Medical Marijuana Initiative, I-182

ASA’s Position: Support

Montana’s Initiative 182 would largely restore the state’s medical cannabis program. Earlier this year, the program suffered a major setback for patients when SB 423 (2011) finally went into full effect. While the law scaling back the state program was passed in 2011, the state courts had prevented some of the provisions from taking effect. However, the court injunction was lifted in August 2016. Initiative 182 would restore dispensary access to medical cannabis, require state licensing for the manufacture of infused products, and bring lab testing to the Montana program. It would also add PTSD and lift hash restrictions regarding chronic pain as a qualifying condition. Home cultivation and the current possession limits would be retained. ASA supports Montana’s I-182.

Federal Report Card

Senate District Party Grade
Daines, Steve Republican A-
Tester, Jon Democrat B+
House District Party Grade
Zinke, Ryan Republican B-

Voting Record Pro-medical marijuana vote

Year Vote Name Vote
2015 FY 2016 Veterans Equal Access Amendment (Blumenauer amendment) AYE
2016 FY 2016 CJS (Rohrabacher-Farr amendment) AYE
2016 FY 2017 Veterans Equal Access Amendment (Blumenauer amendment) NO

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