ASA examines medical cannabis law efficacy

| February 25, 2022 |

By Douglas Clark for Financial Regulation News “As the largest cannabis patient advocacy group, their recommendations have helped me hone in on issues that impact patients and work to pass improvements to better their lives. The report has also been...

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Medical Marijuana States Mostly Rated Average by ASA

| February 24, 2022 |

From Green Market Report Americans For Safe Access released its 2021 State of the State report and the results were pretty disappointing. Only two states received a rating in the B category, with no states getting an A. The two...

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Colorado gets C+ grade for medical cannabis access, report says

| February 24, 2022 |

By Thy Vo for The Colorado Sun “It’s very important for states and lawmakers … not to forget about the very real patients who rely on the medical cannabis program.”- Abbey Roudebush

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Pennsylvania gets C+ in medical cannabis access, according to new report

| February 23, 2022 |

By Harri Leigh for FOX43 HARRISBURG, Pa. — A new report by advocacy group Americans for Safe Access (ASA) gives Pennsylvania a C+ grade for patient access to medical cannabis. The report released on Feb. 22 ranks state policies on...

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Are Cannabis Retailers Weaponizing Drug Prevention to Prevent Equity?

| February 21, 2022 |

By Terrie Best for the OB Rag The San Diego chapter of Americans for Safe Access (SDASA), the nation’s largest cannabis patient advocacy group, has been working to advance access to medical cannabis since 2002. We are not surprised at...

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Five cannabis shop robberies in a week prompt calls for banking solutions

| February 18, 2022 |

By Sam Riches for The London Free Press In December, cannabis advocacy group Americans for Safe Access (ASA) released a Robbery Preparedness Guide “to aid businesses in developing plans to stay safe during robberies.”“Recently, we have received several notifications about...

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Hemp Could Have More THC Under New Congressional Bill That Aims To Fix Regulatory Issues For Expanding Industry

| February 09, 2022 |

By Kyle Jaeger for Marijuana Moment A new congressional bill seeks to build upon the federal legalization of hemp by providing cannabis businesses with additional flexibility that’s been sought after by industry stakeholders, as well as remove a controversial ban...

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The legalization of cannabis is up for debate in Congress

| February 04, 2022 |

By TheHealthReporter for TheHealthGuild Consumer advocacy groups pushed the language further to protect cannabis users, especially medical patients. Americans For Safe Access called on lawmakers to address barriers to housing assistance for drug users, as well as increased medical cannabis...

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California hospitals now may allow cannabis for the dying, but health care providers worry about federal blowback

| January 13, 2022 |

By Susan Wood for The North Bay Business Journal Americans for Safe Access, which lobbies for favorable policies toward cannabis, is committed to the law being implemented in California and has drafted support policies to help health care facilities navigate these...

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MarinHealth hospital vague on plan for cannabis law

| January 03, 2022 |

By Richard Halstead for the Marin Independent Journal Americans for Safe Access said it alerted all health care centers in California that SB 311 will go into effect on Saturday. It provided tools for facilities to implement the law.

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