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Aug 142019

Arizona Gets C- Grade on ASA’s 2019 National Cannabis Report Card - Americans for Safe Access

By Dan Kingston for Arizona Marijuana News

Every year, Americans for Safe Access (ASA), a national nonprofit promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research, produces a report that grades the legislative and regulatory aspects of state-legalized medical marijuana programs across the country.

The comprehensive report illustrates a detailed analysis of state medical marijuana programs in 47 states, the District of Columbia, and four territories on an ‘A’ to ‘F’ scale.

The ASA’s 2019 report graded Arizona’s medical marijuana program as a C-.  Arizona was previously graded as a C- in 2018, a C+ in 2017, a B- in 2016 and a C+ in 2015.

Aug 122019

Lack of Patient Protection Gets Colorado a "B" Grade in Medical Marijuana - Americans for Safe Access

By Thomas Mitchell for Westword

Despite new laws allowing easier access to medical marijuana, Colorado couldn't improve its B grade in an annual report card from a national cannabis advocacy organization.

Each year since 2015, Americans for Safe Access has issued a lengthy report card for every U.S. state and territory's medical marijuana programs, or lack thereof. While the seventeen states that haven't legalized medical marijuana or severely limit its access got automatic Fs in this year's edition; As were hard to attain, with just Illinois and Oregon making the grade.

Colorado found itself in the middle with the Cs and Bs, trailing states such as Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts and Oklahoma, among others. The state's 82.8/100 score was just two points higher than 2018's report card, despite passing new laws adding conditions eligible for medical marijuana (autism and any condition for which opioids are prescribed), and permitting dentists, psychiatrists, registered nurse practitioners and other healthcare professionals to recommend medical marijuana. Another law passed allowing parents of child patients to purchase medication more easily on their child's behalf, as well.

Aug 122019

Michigan’s Cannabis Program Receives B+ In National Ranking - Americans for Safe Access

By Rick Thompson for Weed News

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) has issued its 2018-2019 State of the States report card for cannabis programs in the United States and Michigan’s ranking remains steady with a B+ grade.

The group issues the reports most years. In 2015 Michigan received a C+ and has been awarded the B+ in each report since, in 2016, 2017 and the current issue.

Aug 092019

This pro-cannabis group issued its latest report card. Here’s N.J.'s grade. - Americans for Safe Access

By Jonathan D. Salant for

New Jersey, about to embark on an expansion of medical marijuana, received higher marks this year than in the past from a group that supports access to cannabis for medical use.

Americans for Safe Access gave the Garden State a B, up from C the past three years, in its annual report card. The report was released Tuesday as the National Conference of State Legislatures gathered in Nashville for its annual meeting.

Aug 092019

ASA Unveils 2019 Report Cards For U.S. Medical Cannabis Programs - Americans for Safe Access

By Johnny Green for Weed News

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) has released its 2019 report card titled, “2019 State of the States Report: An Analysis of Medical Cannabis Access in the United States” in conjunction with the start of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Legislative Summit in Nashville, Tennessee.

The nearly 200-page report provides a detailed analysis of the state of medical cannabis programs in 47 states, the District of Columbia, and four territories on a ‘A’ to ‘F’ scale. States were assessed in six categories: 1) Patient rights and civil protections; 2) Access to medicine; 3) Ease of navigation; 4) Functionality; 5) Consumer safety and provider requirements; and 6) Medical cannabis as a tool in combating the opioid epidemic.

Aug 082019

Cannabis Legalization Leaders Weigh 2019’s Wins and Losses - Americans for Safe Access

By Max Savage Levenson for Leafly

“What surprises me the most is when people only care about what’s happening in their own state. We’re a national organization. But what we’ve noticed is that about a year after a law has been passed, suddenly these advocates come out again, and say they don’t have what they need. They start to advocate again.” - Debbie Churgai

Aug 072019

How to Buy CBD - Americans for Safe Access

By Lisa Esposito for US News & World Report

Scrutinize the label. You need to know precisely what's within the container. Having this information speaks to the product's purity, quality, consistency and safe use. All this should all appear on product labels, according to "Patient's Guide to CBD: 2019," a downloadable report from Americans for Safe Access, a nonprofit group with the goal of promoting legal, safe use of medical cannabis.

Aug 052019

Guam gets a ‘C’ grade in medical cannabis access - Americans for Safe Access

By Louella Losinio for Pacific News Center

Guam received a “C” grade in the recent medical cannabis access state report released by the Americans for Safe Access (ASA). This is an upgrade to the “C-minus” grade Guam received during the previous year.

Jul 302019

WSU College of Medicine eyes more instruction on medical cannabis as study suggests doctors reluctant to talk about it - Americans for Safe Access

By Kip Hill for The Spokesman-Review

Washington’s requirement of any type of instruction for its consultants sets it apart from other states that have legalized medicinal cannabis, said Debbie Churgai, interim director of the national group Americans for Safe Access that pushes for reforms to increase clinical access to the drug.
“Most states don’t have required education for doctors, or patients, or anyone that works in a dispensary,” Churgai said. “For Washington state to have that requirement is amazing.”

Jul 302019

It's Easier To Buy CBD In Kansas Than To Know For Sure What's In It Or What It's Good For - Americans for Safe Access

By Celia Llopis-Jepsen for KCUR 89.3

“Honestly, I’m scared for people,” said Lisa Sublett, of medical cannabis proponents Bleeding Kansas Advocates. “I don’t trust the stuff at your gas station, sorry. You really have no idea what’s in the bottle.”
She recommends consulting The Patient’s Guide to CBD, a 50-page primer from Americans For Safe Access that explains labels, lab analyses and more.