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Sep 272019

Adult-Use Legalization Could Hurt Michigan Workers at Drug-Testing Time - Americans for Safe Access

By Kimberly Haynes Taylor for Weedmaps News

“You're going to see a fadeout of these pre-employment employment drug screening tests as a requirement for employment with many of these larger companies.”
- David Mangone

Sep 232019

Would legalizing recreational marijuana be good for Pa.'s fledgling medical pot program? - Americans for Safe Access

By David Hurst for the Daily Iowegian

"With the rise of recreational shops, processors are turning their attention to products that have wider appeal. They have to make the most popular products to compete. And suddenly, specialized concentrates that some patients rely on are getting pulled off the shelves." - David Mangone

Sep 202019

Calls for regulation of medical cannabis devices following health crisis - Americans for Safe Access

From Medical Cannabis Network, Health Europa

Industry bodies call for better regulation of medical cannabis devices following the vapourisation health crisis in America.

In a letter to the heads of the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Americans for Safe Access (ASA) has called for the safe regulation of vapourisation products and cartridges, some of which are used by patients as a medical cannabis device. The National Cannabis Industry have also called for better regulation of illicit products.

Sep 182019

U.S. universities boost cannabis courses, marijuana research - Americans for Safe Access

By Jean Lotus for UPI

"We're excited that universities are finally taking the steps to teach the medical profession about medical cannabis. Whether it's in the lab or manufacturing, cultivation or at a dispensary, it's so important to understand how to work safely in the cannabis business, especially if you're producing medicine." - Debbie Churgai

Sep 112019

This Missouri Mom Fought Hard For Medical Marijuana. Now She’s Fighting To Pay Its High Price. - Americans for Safe Access

By Alex Smith for KCUR 89.3

“It is a huge burden on patients,” said Debbie Churgai, interim director of Americans for Safe Access, a medical marijuana patient advocacy group based in Washington, D.C.
A survey conducted by Americans for Safe Access found that nearly a third of patients across the country pay more than $500 a month for cannabis.
For many, the costs are simply too much. Churgai said that, after getting a green card, some patients end up buying marijuana on the black market, where it’s cheaper than in dispensaries. But it doesn’t undergo the careful testing that medical marijuana receives.

Sep 112019

A medical cannabis travel guide has been launched for Americans - Americans for Safe Access

By Medical Cannabis Network

A new medical cannabis travel guide has been launched for patients who use cannabis in the United States.

The Medical Cannabis Patient’s Guide for US Travel has been launched by medical cannabis campaign group Americans for Safe Access. The guide intends to help travelling patients understand the laws regarding access to cannabis in the states and territories that extend reciprocity to patients from other jurisdictions or permit the adult use of cannabis.

The guide provides patients with a clear sense of how to obtain medical cannabis while travelling outside of their home jurisdictions, as well as containing helpful tips for patients to regarding cannabis and different American states.


Sep 092019

Medical marijuana patients can face problems in other states - Americans for Safe Access

By Jean Lotus for UPI

Sept. 9 (UPI) -- Medical marijuana has been legalized in 33 U.S. states, but for the almost 3 million patients who want to travel outside of their home state, laws elsewhere can be a confusing patchwork of differing rules.

To help clarify those rules, Americans for Safe Access, a medical marijuana patient advocacy group, has released an interactive safe travel guide for patients who want to acquire medicinal pot in different states across the country.

"The laws change so frequently that it's really important. if you're going to visit another state, to look up what the laws are for that state," said Debbie Churgai, the organization's interim director. For medical marijuana patients, "traveling can be a difficult undertaking," she said.

Sep 032019

Safe Travel Guide for Marijuana Users This Weekend - Americans for Safe Access

By Thomas Mitchell for Westword

Summer may be winding down, but Labor Day weekend is still a popular last hurrah for travelers and party-goers alike.

With the plant more culturally prevalent than ever, traveling cannabis consumers can find themselves in some confusing and troublesome situations — especially when they leave their safe little havens in California, Colorado, Oregon and the nine other states and territories where adult use is legal.

For some cannabis users, though, traveling to places where the plant is banned is more than just a buzzkill, warns Debbie Churgai, director of cannabis advocacy organization Americans for Safe Access.

Sep 032019

DEA Announces Plan To Promulgate Regulations For The Approval Of New Cannabis Cultivation Facility Licenses - Americans for Safe Access

By Johnny Green for WeedNews

“After years of inexcusable delay, the DEA has finally taken a small step forward in the potential licensing of new cannabis cultivation facilities for scientific research. ASA has urged reform in this area for over a decade, and we hope that the DEA will move expeditiously now that the framework of a plan for license application review has finally been made public.” - Steph Sherer

Sep 032019

New Medical Cannabis Patient’s Travel Guide by Americans for Safe Access is Available - Americans for Safe Access

By Jenni Jacobsen for Times of CBD

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) released a guide for patients taking medical cannabis. The guide relates to travel, so that patients can be aware of the laws concerning cannabis access.

There is a great deal of information in the guide, but one of the first section deals with things that medical cannabis patients should know before they travel. According to the guide, it is “important for patients to review the most up-to-date information for the jurisdiction(s) that they will be visiting, as laws and regulations are subject to change.” Another important point is that “it is important to remember that cannabis products cannot be taken out of the jurisdiction in which they were purchased.”