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Apr 202020

'Illegal To Essential': How The Coronavirus Is Boosting The Legal Cannabis Industry - Americans for Safe Access

By Brakkton Booker for National Public Radio

Cannabis advocates argue that marijuana — which some people take for seizures, pain and nausea — is unlike virtually any other therapeutic. And access to it, whether prescribed by a doctor or not, depends largely on where you live.

"This epidemic and the way the cannabis businesses are being run really highlights the need for federal oversight," said Debbie Churgai of Americans for Safe Access, which advocates for broader access to medical marijuana for therapy and research. "Every state is doing it a different way."

Apr 012020

Majority Of Americans Agree: Pot Shops Are Essential - Americans for Safe Access

 By A.J. Herrington for High Times

“We applaud these efforts at the state level and are honored to serve governments and medical cannabis stakeholders on behalf of patients.” - Steph Sherer

Mar 302020

As medical marijuana dispensaries change procedures amid coronavirus panic buying, Maryland shop owners fear supply chain shortage - Americans for Safe Access

By Taylor Deville for the Baltimore Sun

“What this points out is why federal oversight is really needed. Even in this crisis, it shows we really do need something that gives medical cannabis patients consistent access to their ... medicine.”
-Debbie Churgai

Mar 252020

Coronavirus: Pro Cannabis Organization Says Dispensaries Are Essential, Pushes For Curbside Pickup - Americans for Safe Access

From CBS Local DFW 21

WASHINGTON, DC (CBSDFW.COM) – One of the nation’s largest medical cannabis patient advocacy organizations, Americans for Safe Access is calling on the government to consider cannabis businesses and dispensaries “essential” during COVID-19-related closings.

Mar 192020

Cannabis Advocates Call On Governors to Protect Patients During Coronavirus - Americans for Safe Access

By Graham Abbott for Ganjapreneur

In a letter addressed to governors and medical cannabis program directors throughout the country, Americans for Safe Access has called on officials to protect cannabis patients during the alarming spread of COVID-19, or the coronavirus.

Mar 192020

San Francisco Pot Shops Deemed Essential Businesses, Reopen Amid Outbreak - Americans for Safe Access

By A.J. Herrington for High Times

“In light of the current state of COVID-19 and the CDC’s actions, Americans for Safe Access has been monitoring the situation to make sure that medical cannabis patients are not forgotten. We want to ensure that dispensaries are seen as essential businesses that will remain open for patients. We applaud states that have already put emergency precautions into action.” - Steph Sherer

Mar 062020

Medical marijuana card not recognized in public housing - Americans for Safe Access

By Tom Gaser for NNY360

“It is time our federal government steps up to provide relief so that patients everywhere can medicate without fear of losing any of their civil rights and protections, including while in federal housing or healthcare settings, such as hospices,” - Debbie Churgai

Mar 042020

States turn to unenforced federal law to slow medical marijuana legalization - Americans for Safe Access

By Emily Kopp for Roll Call

The patients and providers who cultivate, process and dispense the cannabis these patients rely on in these states for the treatment of debilitating illness do not have to fear federal charges as long as they are in compliance with state law, says Sean Khalepari, regulatory affairs coordinator for the pro-medical marijuana group Americans for Safe Access.

Feb 052020

Berner’s new Detroit Cookies store shows that despite the emphasis on recreational marijuana, medical marijuana is still a big deal - Americans for Safe Access

By Larry Gabriel for the Detroit Metro Times

And there's still plenty of opportunity to bend your lawmakers' ears about medical marijuana. The Americans for Safe Access National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference 2020 takes place March 25-28 in Washington, D.C. Check out their website for more information.