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Dec 052018

Cannabis Industry Reacts as Utah Legislature Changes Voter Approved Prop 2 - Americans for Safe Access

By Danny Reed for mg

“The Utah Legislature seeks to create a completely unworkable system for the distribution of medical cannabis. Expect to see countless delays from Utah in implementing this program, and an incredibly reduced patient population compared to who would have qualified under Proposition 2. Even if this bill served as an improvement to what voters passed, which it unequivocally does not, it sends a clear message to the Utah electorate that their voice does not matter.” -David Mangone

Nov 272018

UOG to host public cannabis forum - Americans for Safe Access

By Manny Cruz for the Pacific Daily News

"Politicians very rarely will do anything simply because it's 'the right thing to do,'" Sherer said. "They represent communities, and if they aren't hearing from the community then nothing will happen. If you're looking at the future of medical cannabis on Guam and you're not part of it—it's not going to happen. Stay frustrated, and do something about it." - Steph Sherer

Nov 132018

Path for Marijuana Policy Gets Clearer in Congress - Americans for Safe Access

By Erin Durkin for NationalJournal

“I think for those who are opponents of this issue, there’s a strong federalism component that underlies it that makes it a lot, I think, easier to swallow. It basically says, ‘This is a state’s right to decide this policy and the federal government is going to take a hands-off approach.’” - David Mangone

Nov 092018

How Can We Ensure the Disabled Community Has Equal Access to Cannabis? - Americans for Safe Access

By Isabelle Lichtenstein for Merry Jane

“We want people to talk to their doctors about it [medical cannabis]. We want them to be educated about how it works in their bodies. We want them to know about drug interactions if they’re dealing with issues. We want them to know how it can help them therapeutically.”- Debbie Churgai

Nov 082018

Jeff Sessions Departs, Whitaker Steps in as Cannabis Industry Reacts - Americans for Safe Access

By Danny Reed for mg

“Attorney General Sessions was one of the last remaining prohibitionists in Washington,” David Mangone, attorney, and Director of Government Affairs Americans for Safe Access, a national group that advocates for cannabis research and the rights of patients. With “Sessions’ departure, we are closer than ever to changing outdated and misinformed federal policy when it comes to cannabis, particularly when it comes to recognizing the medical uses of the plant for a number of debilitating conditions,” - David Mangone

Nov 052018

Election could dictate future of medical cannabis, advocate says - Americans for Safe Access

By Manny Cruz for the Pacific Daily News

"The pharmaceutical industry has failed us. Marijuana isn't killing people, opioids are killing people. If you're looking at the future of medical cannabis on Guam and you're not part of it—it's not going to happen. Stay frustrated, and do something about it."- Steph Sherer

Nov 022018

Why Third-Party Certification is Important - Americans for Safe Access

By Heather Despres and Debbie Churgai for Terpenes and Testing Magazine

Every day, we are bombarded with advertisements from cannabis companies declaring they provide the highest quality products and services, but who, if anyone, outside the company is determining these factors? This is where third-party certification programs can offer some validity to what a company is declaring. Third-party certification programs are able to provide an unbiased examination of the quality of a company’s cannabis products and services. This can be incredibly important in today’s market, where manufacturers and distributors can use advertisements for their products that often describe them as being “high quality” and “the best of the best”.

Without such safety precautions, the industry could quickly become overrun with false advertising, which would make it difficult for a consumer to receive reliable information when making a decision about their medicine. Particularly for immunocompromised patients, the safety and accuracy of the medicine they are taking is of utmost importance;however, this is true for anyone consuming cannabis.

Nov 012018

Marijuana cultivation law brings up old, new concerns for Guam - Americans for Safe Access

By Haidee V Eugenio for Pacific Daily News

A new law allowing qualified patients and caregivers to grow cannabis at home brings up old and new concerns about Guam’s medical marijuana program, including a lack of funding to monitor the home program, an absence of legal guidance for doctors, and where to get the seeds.

Oct 312018

North Dakotans Can Now Apply for Medical Marijuana Cards - Americans for Safe Access

By Blake Nicholson for the Associated Press via U.S. News and World Report

The Health Department has endured some criticism over the amount of time it is taking to make the drug available, though the timeline isn't unusual when compared to other states with the drug, according to the advocacy group Americans for Safe Access.

Oct 312018

Americans for Safe Access to Keynote Guam's Third Medical Cannabis Workshop, "Cultivating Change" - Americans for Safe Access

Jenevieve Ooka for PR Newswire via Markets Insider

"Having worked closely with Americans For Safe Access in the past, I know what they can do to assist stalled programs and get the necessary resources to regulators," said Nic Easley. "Steph established the Patient Focused Certification program for exactly this purpose. Everyone on Guam can hear for themselves that this years-long delay is not insurmountable."