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Nov 212016

New Trump nominee puts legal marijuana sales in jeopardy - Americans for Safe Access

By Rob Motakainen for McClatchy Washington Bureau via The Daily Herald

“It could be really bad news, if we don’t fight back,” said Steph Sherer, executive director of Americans for Safe Access, a group that promotes medical marijuana.

Nov 182016

Ojai OKs delivery, pickup of medical marijuana - Americans for Safe Access

By Claudia Boyd-Barrett for the Ventura County Star

Sarah Armstrong, director of industry affairs for Americans for Safe Access, applauded the council’s decision to allow delivery and pickup of medical marijuana. She said she hoped it would inspire other cities and the county to do the same.

“I think it's a very brave and very principled decision, and Americans for Safe Access is deeply grateful,” she said. “It allows people in and around Ojai to access medical marijuana that’s been tested, that’s supplied by people who adhere to state law. ... It also allows the county and the cities in the county to see that the sky does not fall when you allow a license for delivery services.”

Nov 112016

Congress Just Got More Marijuana Friendly - Americans for Safe Access

By Tom Angell for

Mike Liszewski of Americans for Safe Access said that the House version of the bill should have a shot of moving next year. “There may me be an opportunity to get a hearing for the successor to the CARERS Act in the House due to the retirement of Rep. Joe Pitts, who had blocked it in the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health,” he said.

Nov 102016

Medical Cannabis Legalization Wins in 4 States - Americans for Safe Access

By C.M. Watts for TheWeedBlog


“Last night was a historic victory for the movement to legalize medical cannabis and provide safe, legal access for patients who are in critical need of medical cannabis for therapeutic uses,” said Steph Sherer, Executive Director of Americans of Safa Access (ASA).

Nov 092016

Floridians Pass Amendment 2 Legalizing a New Medical Marijuana Program - Americans for Safe Access

By Noelle Skodzinski for Cannabis Busines Times

Florida was one of 16 states receiving “a grade of F or F+ in a [recent] report, ‘Medical Marijuana Access in the United States: A Patient-Focused Analysis of the Patchwork of State Laws,’ by Americans for Safe Access

Nov 082016

This election, don't let the lights go out on medical marijuana - Americans for Safe Access

By Steph Sherer for The Hill

The 2016 election will have lasting effects on the future of medical cannabis programs that affect the lives of millions of Americans. This is not a year to sit on the side lines. Educate yourself and vote!

Nov 042016

D.C. Council Passes Major Updates To Medical Marijuana Law - Americans for Safe Access

By Michelle Goldchain for DCist

In a release, Mike Liszewski, government affairs director at Americans for Safe Access, also praised the move. “Not only will this amendment increase patient choice in the District, but the increased competition should result in lower prices for patients.”

Oct 312016

Humboldt State University Panel Debates Pros and Cons of Prop. 64 - Americans for Safe Access

By TG Branfalt Jr. for Ganjapreneur

Kristin Nevedal, a local cultivator and consultant to Americans for Safe Access who appeared on the panel, said that the law doesn’t allow grows larger than 1 acre during the first five years and prevents non-California residents from securing a business license for the first two – which allows smaller operators a “small window” to carve out their market share. She said that the language of the law provides strong anti-monopoly language and farmer protections.

Oct 312016

Pot ballot drives put medical, recreational users at odds - Americans for Safe Access

By Patrick Whittle for the Associated Press via

Americans for Safe Access, an organization that advocates for legal access to medical cannabis, said recreational marijuana programs should be kept separate from medical marijuana. The group sees potential "competing interests" between the two if they are comingled, said Beth Collins, a leader of the organization. The group also sees potential harm from the possibility corporatization of marijuana, Collins said. "On the negative side, big business may try to impose regulations to keep other players out, which could lead to fewer products," she said. "The best medical cannabis programs allow for both large and small businesses along with access via patient or caregiver cultivation."


Oct 282016

A Q. and A. with a medical cannabis patient - Americans for Safe Access

By Jean Cole for

We appreciate the praise by Terri (Mestnick) Kashani in this interview.