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Aug 282015

RIP Larry Harvey of the Kettle Falls Five - Americans for Safe Access

By Jeremy Daw The Leaf Online

Medical marijuana advocate Larry Harvey, whose use of medical marijuana stood at the center of the controversy known as the Kettle Falls Five case, has died, Washington’s KDWN reports. He was 71.

Aug 282015

Pot Patient Prosecuted by Obama Administration Dies of Cancer - Americans for Safe Access

By Steven Nelson US News and World Report

Larry Harvey visited the nation’s capital in May 2014 and sat in a wheelchair outside Congress, flanked by lawmakers appalled that the Obama administration wanted to put him and his family in prison for roughly complying with Washington state’s marijuana laws.

Aug 282015

Aug 202015

Colorado drug investigator to Utah: Beware of medical marijuana - Americans for Safe Access

By Kristen Moulton Salt Lake Tribune

Legalizing medical marijuana would open the door to a host of problems, including abuse by children and deaths from psychotic reactions, a Colorado drug-law enforcer warned Utah lawmakers Wednesday.

Jim Gerhardt, vice president of the Colorado Drug Investigators Association, provided the Health and Human Services Interim Committee with a litany of woes Utah's neighboring state has experienced since legalizing medical marijuana.

Aug 202015

Farm-to-pipe: Petaluma distributor fills niche for medical marijuana patients - Americans for Safe Access

By Eric Gneckow

As medical and recreational marijuana use becomes increasingly accepted in the United States, one Petaluma company is carving a niche as southern Sonoma County and northern Marin County’s medical marijuana provider, operating with a business model that eschews the brick-and-mortar dispensary in favor of in-home service. 

Aug 202015

Don't Try This At Home: Butane Hash Oil Penalties Stiffen - Americans for Safe Access

By David Down East Bay Express 

Making extracts of medical cannabis with butane is already illegal in California, but doing it within 300 feet of a home now comes with potentially stiffer penalties. On Friday, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 212 which will allow judges who are sentencing butane extract-makers to extra prison time, based on a new aggravating factor: being close to homes.

Aug 202015

What Bernie Sanders’ Election Would Mean for Legalized Drugs - Americans for Safe Access

By Brendan Murray GoLocal Providence

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has called America’s “War on Drugs” a failure and has promised to transform America’s drug policy if elected to the White House.

Aug 062015

Justice Dept. memo lets feds shut down pot dispensaries - Americans for Safe Access

By Bob Egelko San Francisco Gate 

In a newly disclosed memorandum, President Obama’s Justice Department has told federal prosecutors they can file criminal charges against medical marijuana users and suppliers and shut down pot dispensaries, despite a congressional ban on federal interference with medical marijuana laws in California and other states.

Aug 032015

Maryland's First Medical Marijuana Clinic Sees More Than 100 Prospective Patients - Americans for Safe Access