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Oct 262015

Oct 092015

New regulations don't clear all the hurdles for pot dispensaries - Americans for Safe Access

By Maura Dolan Los Angeles Times

California’s new medical marijuana regulations will likely reduce federal crackdowns in the state, but dispensaries will continue to have difficulty obtaining banking services and deducting business expenses, legal experts and activists said Friday.

Oct 092015


By Dennis Romero LA Weekly

Gov. Jerry Brown today signed a trio of bills that finally provides statewide rules for California's medical marijuana growers and sellers.

Oct 072015

WW: Council candidate talks weed, Spokane Valley says no more pot businesses - Americans for Safe Access

By Jake Thomas The Inlander

Evan Verduin is running for Spokane City Council against incumbent Councilwoman Karen Stratton. He wants the council to get back to legislating on basic municipal services and avoid social issues that he says are needlessly divisive. Backed by Mayor David Condon, he says he’ll be independent and will bring a business perspective to the council, which he and Condon both say is needed. 

Oct 052015

Deadline week: These are the big issues Brown left for the last minute - Americans for Safe Access

By Patrick McGreevy The Los Angeles Times

With one week left to act on nearly 500 bills, Gov. Jerry Brown is besieged by vigils, rallies, petition drives and phone calls from people wanting his signature or veto on legislation.

Brown can no doubt hear the loud rallies held on the Capitol steps. Meanwhile, his office mailbox has been stuffed with letters urging action on a proposed new system for regulating the sale of medical marijuana, help for women who want equal pay from employers and approval of a bill that would allow doctors to prescribe lethal doses of drugs to terminally ill patients so they can hasten their deaths.