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Oct 052015

New Marijuana Legalization Initiative Filed; Backers Needed - Americans for Safe Access

By Chris Roberts SF Weekly

Multiple efforts to legalize cannabis in California are currently afoot. If you're a registered voter, you may have already signed a petition to put adult recreational use of marijuana on the November 2016 ballot. But very few — if any — of those efforts matter, because very few — and possibly not any — of those efforts have any money or institutional support.

Oct 042015

Kettle Falls Three receive prison time - Americans for Safe Access

By Vivian McPeak Seattle PI

After receiving much attention by reform advocates all over the nation, the remaining defendants of the Kettle Falls Five case have received their sentencing. Rhonda Firestack-Harvey and her daughter in law Michelle Gregg were both sentenced for one year and a day after being found guilty of cannabis cultivation. Rolland Gregg was sentenced to 33 months. All three were released pending appeal.

Oct 042015

Here Comes The Big One: ReformCA Files Its California Pot Legalization Initiative - Americans for Safe Access

By Philip Smith Alternet

The California Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, also known as ReformCA, has filed a draft marijuana legalization initiative initiative with state officials, the group announced Sunday. The long-anticipated move means the campaign best-placed to bring legalization to the Golden State can finally get underway.

Oct 022015


By Dennis Romero LA Weekly

The prospect of legal sales of non-medical marijuana in California has a lot of activists, businesses and pot users excited.

Sep 292015

Drug development: The treasure chest - Americans for Safe Access

The annual meeting of the International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS) is a highly unusual scientific conference. It has been closed to all media since its inception 25 years ago, lending an air of mystery to the gathering of researchers who study the unique chemicals found in cannabis.

Sep 212015

Striking Breakthrough in Regulating Pot in California - Americans for Safe Access

By Philip Smith Alternet 

After nearly 20 years of wrangling over what is and is not legal under California's 1996 Proposition 215 medical marijuana law, the state legislature has passed a set of bills designed to bring order to the chaos

Sep 212015


By Madison Margolin The Village Voice

Williamsburg techie Michael Christopher wants to merge the cannabis industry with the herbal wellness movement and “tea renaissance.” With a name inspired by the Brooklyn loft culture, Loft Tea is a line of “natural remedy” teas infused with CBD — a non-psychotropic cannabinoid, or chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. Christopher publicly launched Loft Tea in June.

Sep 162015

“Synthetic Marijuana” Has Nothing to Do with Actual Marijuana - Americans for Safe Access

By Brendan Kiley The Stranger 

Over the past couple of months, newspapers and TV stations across the United States have been running with horror stories about K2, spice, and others kinds of “synthetic marijuana.” A recent article in the New York Times, for example, described a few blocks in East Harlem where “joints” were selling for a dollar, users were either passing out or twitching uncontrollably, and cops and ambulances idled, waiting to pick up casualties for the emergency room.

Aug 282015

Majority Of Voters In Iowa, New Hampshire Want Feds To Respect State Marijuana Laws - Americans for Safe Access

By Matt Ferner Huffington Post 

Voters in the two earliest presidential voting states overwhelmingly agree: states should be able to set their own marijuana laws without federal interference

Aug 282015

California Legalization Measure to Debut Soon - Americans for Safe Access

By David Downs East Bay Express

In 439 days, Californians are expected to cast a historic vote on an initiative legalizing cannabis for recreational adult use. But the text of that initiative and the hard proof that activists have the $20 million necessary to campaign for it have yet to materialize.