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Oct 282016

Fighting Cultural Misconceptions - Americans for Safe Access

By Larry Buhl for Marijuana Venture

[Yami] Bolanos says she was enraged and horrified when an acquaintance died after being denied a liver transplant because he tested positive for marijuana he’d used legally to reduce the effects of chemotherapy. Working with Don Duncan of Americans for Safe Access, she helped pass California’s Assembly Bill 258, which ended the practice of rejecting patients for organ transplants if they use cannabis.


Oct 192016

As Recreational Legalization Vote Looms, Medical Pot Looks To Stay Ahead Of The Curve - Americans for Safe Access

By Ron Jones for CBS 13 Sacramento

“There’s one rule about products in the Unites States, and if people are going to be eating them or consuming them it has to tested for certain safety perimeters,” said Jahan Marcu with Americans For Safe Access.


Oct 182016

Medical Marijuana Patient Found Not Guilty within 10 Minutes in June, District Attorney Keeps the Cash - Americans for Safe Access

By Terrie Best for OB Rag

"Today the Court upheld the longstanding principal that ‘justice delayed is justice denied.’ With the modified order we look forward to the District Attorney’s Office doing everything in its power to ensure that Mr. Smith, a county resident, is not deprived of his property one day longer than necessary."

Oct 182016

The Do’s and Don’ts of Medical Marijuana Receiverships - Americans for Safe Access

By Kevin Singer for Receivership News

This Article features a summary of Federal medical cannabis law which is republished, with permission, from ASA's website.

Oct 172016

Updated Medical Pot Bill Passes First D.C. Council Vote - Americans for Safe Access

By James Wright for the AFRO.

Stephen Sherer, the executive director of Americans for Safe Access, is a proponent of the bill and cites its benefits. “The original D.C. medical cannabis law passed by the council did not authorize the Department of Health to license independent testing laboratories to ensure product safety,” Sherer said. “This bill will allow patients to accurately know how much THC and other cannabinoids are in medical cannabis products and that they are free of contaminates, giving them greater confidence in the safety and reliability of their medicine.”

Oct 142016

Maryland Patients Still Waiting On Medical Marijuana - Americans for Safe Access

By Katishi Maake for The Associated Press via The Washington Post


“If patients were allowed to cultivate their own medicine (in Maryland), you wouldn’t have patients waiting and suffering,” [Mike] Liszewski said. “Our organization [ASA] is trying to get to a solution that has the dispensaries opening up as soon as possible.”


Sep 222016

Steph Sherer of ASA Is a Miracle Worker - Americans for Safe Access

By Tom Hymes for MG Magazine

Since 2002, Americans for Safe Access founder Steph Sherer has been advocating for cannabis patients and pushing their issues to the forefront of society with relentless determination. Among myriad other undertakings, ASA is now hard at work building a foundation of product safety protocols intended to hold the industry in good stead for years to come.

Apr 292016

Wake Up Call: CFPB Wrestles With Ban On Forced Arbitration - Americans for Safe Access

By Rick Mitchell with assistance from Gabe Friedman for

In a possible sign that a legal push on medical pot access may be going mainstream, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe said it has entered a pro bono partnership with the Americans for Safe Access Foundation, a medical marijuana advocacy group. (American Lawyer)

Apr 292016

Morning Docket: 04.29.16 - Americans for Safe Access

By Staci Zaretsky for Above the Law

* Biglaw gets in on the green rush: Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe has partnered with Americans for Safe Access Foundation, a medical marijuana advocacy group, to update a series of manuals on state medical marijuana laws. In the future, Orrick attorneys will man a hotline for medical marijuana patients in need of legal advice. [Am Law Daily]


Apr 282016

Orrick Partners With Pro-Pot Nonprofit Group - Americans for Safe Access

By Nell Gluckman, The Am Law Daily

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe announced a pro bono partnership Thursday with the Americans for Safe Access Foundation, a medical marijuana advocacy group, signifying to some that the push to make legal cannabis available to patients nationwide has gone mainstream.