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Aug 052019

Guam gets a ‘C’ grade in medical cannabis access - Americans for Safe Access

By Louella Losinio for Pacific News Center

Guam received a “C” grade in the recent medical cannabis access state report released by the Americans for Safe Access (ASA). This is an upgrade to the “C-minus” grade Guam received during the previous year.

Jul 302019

WSU College of Medicine eyes more instruction on medical cannabis as study suggests doctors reluctant to talk about it - Americans for Safe Access

By Kip Hill for The Spokesman-Review

Washington’s requirement of any type of instruction for its consultants sets it apart from other states that have legalized medicinal cannabis, said Debbie Churgai, interim director of the national group Americans for Safe Access that pushes for reforms to increase clinical access to the drug.
“Most states don’t have required education for doctors, or patients, or anyone that works in a dispensary,” Churgai said. “For Washington state to have that requirement is amazing.”

Jul 302019

It's Easier To Buy CBD In Kansas Than To Know For Sure What's In It Or What It's Good For - Americans for Safe Access

By Celia Llopis-Jepsen for KCUR 89.3

“Honestly, I’m scared for people,” said Lisa Sublett, of medical cannabis proponents Bleeding Kansas Advocates. “I don’t trust the stuff at your gas station, sorry. You really have no idea what’s in the bottle.”
She recommends consulting The Patient’s Guide to CBD, a 50-page primer from Americans For Safe Access that explains labels, lab analyses and more.

Jul 012019

Jun 272019

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy to offer medical cannabis education - Americans for Safe Access

By Meredith Cohn for the Baltimore Sun

Debbie Churgai, interim director for Americans for Safe Access, said she did not know what changed or why the university did not approach the group again.
The group continues to offer its own courses that focus on how to operate legally and based on what’s known about the science, she said. Churgai said her group initially approached Maryland and persuaded it of the need for well-crafted and standardized training. Maryland could lend credibility and reach far more students, she said.
“We applaud Maryland for finally doing it,” Churgai said about the training. “It would have been nice if they gave us some credit.”

Jun 212019

Congressman Withdraws Veterans Marijuana Measure Amid VA Opposition - Americans for Safe Access

By Kyle Jaeger via Marijuana Moment

“After the momentum of this week between House hearings on cannabis small business access to capital, a [House Veterans’ Affairs Committee] hearing on medical cannabis research, and a historic victory in the House with the Blumenauer CJS amendment, it is incredibly frustrating to see the Congressman withdraw an amendment that would provide medical cannabis access to veterans,” - David Mangone

Jun 102019

As FDA Grapples With CBD Dosing, Definitions, ASA Issues Patient Guide - Americans for Safe Access

By Beth Wang for InsideHealthPolicy

Just days after FDA held a 10-hour meeting to discuss the science and regulation of cannabis-based products, Americans for Safe Access issued a resource guide for patients, health care providers, consumers and anyone interested in learning more about cannabidiol (CBD). The guide defines key terminology – including broad spectrum, full spectrum and isolate -- and discusses issues with dosing, two major issues on which FDA officials asked multiple stakeholders to submit more detailed information.

Jun 102019

AP analysis: Medical pot takes hit when weed legal for all - Americans for Safe Access

By Billian Flaccus and Angeliki Kastanis for the Associated Press via Yahoo! Finance

"Some of the products that these patients have relied on for consistency — and have used over and over for years — are disappearing off the shelves to market products that have a wider appeal." - David Mangone

Jun 102019

Americans For Safe Access Releases CBD Guide For Patients - Americans for Safe Access

By Benjie Cooper for the Candid Chronicle

There are many cannabidiol (CBD) products that are readily available in legal markets in 2019, but there are also many differences of opinion regarding how CBD works, what it is useful for, how to use it, and how much to take.

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill and the FDA’s newfound quest to establish a regulatory system for cannabinoids have also helped contribute to the confusion regarding what is and is not currently legal.

As part of an ongoing effort to help educate the public and provide accurate information about cannabis, Americans for Safe Access (ASA) has released the Patient’s Guide to CBD, which takes an in-depth look at CBD and the current science and culture surrounding it.

The 25-page guide provides information about the endocannabinoid system, CBD’s chemical structure, which forms are available for use, current research, discussing cannabinoids with a physician, and other related topics.

Jun 052019

Hundreds of pounds of Ohio medical marijuana won't make it to dispensary shelves. Here's why. - Americans for Safe Access

By Jackie Borchardt for the Cincinnati Enquirer

"You didn’t always know what you were getting. The vast majority of people will not get a test done until they are told to get a test done." - Heather Despres