Through the MEDICAL CANNABIDIOL ACT, CHAPTER 124E, there is limited medical cannabis availability in Iowa. The program limits patients to cannabidiol preparations with 0.3 percent or less THC, in compliance with USDA hemp standards. The state has authorized the production of CBD from in-state industrial hemp cultivators and distribution by dispensaries. The application for obtaining a medical CBD card is available through the Iowa Health & Human Services website and can be found here

Eligible Conditions:

  • Cancer, if the underlying condition or treatment produces one or more of the following
    • Severe or chronic pain
    • Nausea or severe vomiting
    • Cachexia (Severe Wasting)
  • Multiple Sclerosis with severe and persistent muscle spasms
  • Seizures, including those characteristic of epilepsy
  • AIDS or HIV as defined in section 141A.1.
  • Crohn’s disease
  • amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • any terminal illness, with a probable life expectancy of under one year, if the illness of its treatment produces one or more of the following:
    • severe or chronic pain
    • nausea or severe vomiting
    • cachexia or severe wasting
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Untreatable pain

Becoming a Patient as a Minor:

The process for registering a minor patient is the same as for an adult patient.

Benefits of Being a Patient:

Registered patients in Iowa have an affirmative defense for the possession of CBD oil with less than 3% THC content.

Becoming a Caregiver:

To become a caregiver in Iowa, you can find the online application here. You will need a completed Healthcare Practitioner Form signed by your patient's doctor that designates you as the primary caregiver. You will also need a copy of your photo ID, either a valid Driver's license or a valid non-operator's identification card. There will also be a $25 fine.

Out-of-State Patients:

Iowa does not recognize Out-of-State patient registrations. For more information about traveling as a medical cannabis patient, check out our Travel Guide.

Home Cultivation:

Growing cannabis at home is not legal in the state of Iowa.


Medical cannabis patients can find additional resources here

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