ASA Monthly Newsletters

Oct 302016

ASA Activist Newsletter - October 2016


  • Medical Cannabis Initiatives on the Ballot in Four States
  • Congress Extends State Protections, Abandons Vets
  • Louisiana Lawmakers Push Program Forward
  • Illinois Extends and Expands Pilot Program
  • Medical Cannabis Reducing Opiate Risks
  • Activist Profiles: Four Advocates Turned Candidates
  • ACTION ALERT: Vote for Safe Access on Nov. 8!
Sep 232016

ASA Activist Newsletter - September 2016 - Americans for Safe Access

In the September Issue:

  • ASA Analysis Reveals Flaws in DEA Rescheduling Denial
  • PFC Educating Stakeholders and Developing Standards
  • Appeals Court Rules Patients Can’t Buy Guns
  • Ohio Medical Cannabis Law Takes Effect
  • Maryland Selects Cultivation and Processing Businesses
  • Montana Eliminates Access for 90% of Patients
  • Activist Profile: Dixie Pace Family, South Carolina
  • ACTION ALERT: Help Renew Federal Protections
Aug 202016

ASA Activist Newsletter - August 2016

In the August 2016 Issue:

  • Appeals Court Says DOJ Can’t Prosecute State-Legal Individuals
  • DEA Again Denies Medical Value of Cannabis
  • ASA Report Shows Cannabis Can Address Opioid Crisis
  • Senate CBD Bill Introduced
  • Patient Groups Urge Congress to Act on Medical Cannabis
  • ASA to Host California Educational Tour
  • Maine Medical Cannabis Business Achieves National Certification
  • Activist Profile: Coltyn Turner Family
Jul 022016

ASA Activist Newsletter - July 2016 - Americans for Safe Access

In the July 2016 Issue

  • ASA Analysis Shows Cannabis is Misclassified as Schedule I
  • Veterans Equal Access Amendment Blocked Despite House & Senate Approval
  • Advocates and Senators Hold Briefing Urging Congressional Action
  • New Research Act Would Remove Barriers but Not Protect Patients
  • Iowans Launch Campaign Urging Sen. Grassley to Allow Medical Cannabis Vote
  • Americans for Safe Access Welcomes New Puerto Rico Chapter
  • Cannabis Professional Certification Workshops July 11-15
  • Patient Profile: Christine Stenquist, Ogden, Utah
  • ACTION ALERT: Sign the Petition to Sen. Grassley


Jun 032016

ASA Activist Newsletter - June 2016 - Americans for Safe Access

In This Issue:

  • Ohio Set to Become the 26th Medical Cannabis State
  • New Cannabis Laboratory Accreditation Program Announced
  • House Votes to Lift Gag on VA Doctors
  • California Citizen Lobby Day Yields Results
  • Activist Profile: Erin Miller, Iowa
  • ACTION ALERT: Keep the Pressure on CARERS
May 072016

ASA Activist Newsletter - May 2016 - Americans for Safe Access

In The May Issue

  • New ASA Partnership to Support Patients’ Rights
  • Federal Government Drops Dispensary Cases
  • State Dept. Says DEA Can License More to Grow Cannabis
  • Patient Groups Urge DEA to Reschedule Cannabis
  • State Medical Cannabis Program Developments
  • California Citizen Lobby Day May 23
  • ASA Activist Profile: Georgia Action Group
Apr 222016

ASA Activist Newsletter - Apr 2016

In this issue:

  • Unity Conference Energizes Advocates
  • ASA Celebrates 14th Anniversary
  • UN Hears Calls for Reform from Patients
  • Senate Panel Approves Two Medical Cannabis Amendments
  • CARERS Act Gets More Co-Sponsors
  • Pennsylvania Enacts Medical Cannabis Law, Finally
  • Lawmakers in Three States Modify Programs
  • ANNIVERSARY ALERT: 50% Off Unity 2017 Registration
Mar 062016

ASA Activist Newsletter - Mar 2016

In this issue

  • Unity 2016 to Bring Leading Experts and Advocates to DC
  • Advocates Bring Patient Issues to United Nations
  • Australia Passes Historic Medical Cannabis Law
  • PFC Persuades Local Officials to Drop Cultivation Ban
  • Pennsylvania Assembly Finally Set to Vote
  • Virginia Senate Passes Bill to Allow CBD, THC-A Production
  • Georgia House Approves Expanding Qualifying Conditions
  • Action Alert: Join Us March 18-22 to Learn and Lobby
Feb 042016

ASA Activist Newsletter - Feb 2016

In this issue

  • Annual ASA Report on Safe Access Finds States Improving
  • Bipartisan Congressional Letter Urges VA to End Medical Cannabis Ban
  • Puerto Rico to Implement Limited Medical Cannabis Program
  • Voters in Florida Get Another Chance at Initiative
  • CBD Found Effective in State Seizure Study
  • Georgia Rep Says He Broke State Law to Bring Cannabis to Patients
  • California Fixes Error that Triggered Dozens of Local Bans
  • Former Chicago NFL Star Speaks Out, Governor Rejects Expansion
  • ACTION ALERT: Join Us to Lobby Congress
Jan 022016

ASA Activist Newsletter - 2015 Year in Review - Americans for Safe Access

In this issue

  • Federal Legislation and Legal Action
  • New Medical Cannabis Jurisdictions
  • Changes to State Programs
  • Research Developments
  • International Developments
  • ACTION ALERT: Renew Today and Recruit a Friend