ASA Monthly Newsletters

ASA Activist Newsletter - November 2019

Posted by · November 15, 2019 7:32 PM

In the November Issue:

  • Possible Cause of Vaping Illness Identified by CDC
  • Check the Patient’s Travel Guide before Holiday Travel
  • ASA Announces New Unity Sponsorships
  • ASA and PFC Educational Events Include New Trainings
  • ASA Launches New Patient Research Partnership
  • Activist Profile: Eryck Stamper, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Action Alert: Find a Sponsor
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ASA Activist Newsletter - October 2019

Posted by · October 10, 2019 11:00 AM

In the October 2019 issue:

  • Historic Federal Cannabis Bill Passes House
  • ASA Urges FDA Action on Vaping, Issues Patient-Focused Recommendations
  • ASA Leads Women Grow Webinar
  • Registration Opens for ASA’s 8th Annual National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference
  • Patient Focused Certification Training Day
  • ASA to Host Event at MJBizCon 2019
  • Activist Profile: Gabrielle Brown-Wing, Portland, Oregon
  • Action Alert: Make your plans for Unity 2020
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ASA Activist Newsletter - September 2019

Posted by · September 04, 2019 7:17 PM

In the September 2019 Issue:

  • ASA Unveils Medical Cannabis Patient’s Guide for U.S. Travel 
  • DEA to Issue New Rules for Cannabis Cultivation Facility Licenses
  • ASA Educates State Lawmakers at National Meeting
  • PFC Director Addresses Hazards of Untested Products
  • Nine Ways to Help Build Community and ASA
  • ASA Activist Profile: John Belville, Canyon County, Idaho
  • ACTION ALERT: Send ASA’s States Report to Your Lawmakers
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ASA Activist Newsletter - August 2019

Posted by · August 05, 2019 12:03 AM

ASA Activist Newsletter

In the August 2019 Issue:

  • Annual State of the States Report Released at Legislative Summit
  • CME Credits on Cannabis with Cannabis Care Certification Program
  • Montana Laboratory Achieves Dual National Certification
  • Congress Holds More Hearings on Reforming Cannabis Laws
  • ASA Sonoma Chapter Sponsoring Symposium
  • CLE Credits Part of NCIA Conference
  • Activist Profile: Jana Adams, Sonoma, California
  • ACTION ALERT: Share the States Report with Your Lawmakers
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ASA Activist Newsletter - July 2019

Posted by · July 08, 2019 9:12 PM

In the July 2019 Issue:

  • House Votes to Protect State Cannabis Programs
  • Amendment Withdrawn to Allow VA Doctors to Recommend Cannabis
  • Appeals Court May Intervene on Cannabis Rescheduling
  • ASA and Aurelius Data Create Research Platform to Benefit Cannabis Patients
  • ASA’s Steph Sherer Creating Global Awareness
  • ASA Educates Attorneys on Laboratory Testing
  • Activist Profile: Dawn-Marie Steenstra, Maryland
  • Action Alert: FDA Extends CBD Public Comment!
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ASA Activist Newsletter - June 2019

Posted by · June 12, 2019 7:13 PM

In the June 2019 Issue:

  • ASA Testifies at FDA Hearing on CBD
  • ASA Releases Patient’s Guide to CBD
  • Colorado Now Allows Doctors to Substitute Cannabis for Opioids
  • ASA Interim Director Speaks at Women Grow Leadership Summit
  • ASA at MJBizconNEXT in New Orleans, June 13
  • ASA’s Steph Sherer Named Top-100 Most Creative People by Fast Company
  • Activist Profile: Todd Larkin, Ardmore, Oklahoma
  • ACTION ALERT: Last Chance for CBD Comments!
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ASA Activist Newsletter - May 2019

Posted by · May 08, 2019 5:08 PM

In the May 2019 Issue:

  • ASA Co-founder Named President of International Research Institute
  • Veterans Move Closer to Safe Access with New Congressional Strategy
  • California Lobby Day Brings Advocates to Sacramento
  • Upcoming ASA Events and Appearances
  • Activists of the Month: Rylie and Janie Maedler
  • Action Alert: Send Comments on CBD to the FDA
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ASA Activist Newsletter - April 2019

Posted by · April 07, 2019 4:10 PM

In the April 2019 issue:

  • Unity Conference 2019 Brings Advocates to DC
  • ASA Announces New Board of Directors
  • Georgia Governor Gets Bill to Allow Cannabis Oil Production
  • Committee Passes Banking Bill, STATES Act Reintroduced
  • FDA to Hold Hearings on CBD Regulations
  • ICCI Webinar: Making Cannabis Safer and Better with Dr. Ethan Russo
  • California Lobby Day on May 6 in Sacramento
  • Upcoming: ASA at National Cannabis Festival, Cannabis Science Conference
  • Free ASA Webinar on the “Cascade of Care”
  • Pennsylvania Panel Takes on Recreational vs. Medical Issues
  • Activist Profile: Diana Dodson, ASA Courage Award
  • Action Alert: Give the FDA Your Perspective on CBD
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ASA Activist Newsletter - March 2019

Posted by · March 10, 2019 4:06 PM

In the March 2019 Issue:

  • House Subcommittee Considers Cannabis Banking Barriers
  • Administration Seeks Input on Cannabis Rescheduling
  • Administration Working to Establish New CBD Rules
  • ASA’s Unity Conference Announces Agenda, Award Winners
  • PFC Distribution Training, March 11-12
  • Activist Profile: Joshua Crossney, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Action Alert: Join us at Unity and Lobby Day March 18-20
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ASA Activist Newsletter - February 2019

Posted by · February 08, 2019 8:41 PM

In the February 2019 Issue:

  • WHO Recommends Rescheduling Cannabis
  • Medical Cannabis Program Enacted in the U.S.V.I.
  • Opioid Addiction Now a Qualifying Condition in New Jersey
  • Arkansas Announces Dispensary Licenses
  • ASA Staff Attend ICCI Meetings in Prague
  • ASA Event Raises Awareness, Funds for Opioid Campaign
  • Unity Conference Announces Scholarships, Agenda
  • Patient Research to be Presented at Nurses Conference
  • ASA Activist Profile: Todd Scattini, Kansas City, Missouri
  • ACTION ALERT: Register Today for Unity 2019!
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