ASA Monthly Newsletters

Sep 122017

ASA Activist Newsletter - September 2017 - Americans for Safe Access

In the September 2017 Issue:

  • Congress Extends Patient Protections to December
  • DOJ Challenged by Congress on Cannabis Research Delays
  • Maryland Approves Three More PFC-certified Companies
  • PFC Trainings in Philly, New Webinar, California Conference
  • ASA Educating State Officials at National Conference
  • ASA Activist Profile: Valencia Elliott, Westchester, New York
  • Action Alert: Sign the Petition on Ending the Opioid Crisis
Aug 142017

ASA Activist Newsletter - August 2017

In the August 2017 Issue

  • Senate Committee Passes Measure Protecting Patients
  • Veterans Rights Amendment Clears Senate Committee
  • ASA and Federal Task Force Urge Respect for State Programs
  • PFC Offers Free Services for Laboratories, new webinars, podcasts
  • Massachusetts Medical Society Promotes Cannabis Education
  • ASA Activist Profile: Jill K. Swing, Charleston, South Carolina
  • ACTION ALERT: Contact Your Congressional Reps
Jul 072017

ASA Activist Newsletter - July 2017

In the July 2017 Issue:

  • Mexico President Approves Safe Access
  • Greece Announces Medical Access
  • Attorney General Asks Congress to End Patient Protections
  • New Revision to Cannabis Law for California
  • ASA Urges Administration to Fight Opiate Crisis with Cannabis
  • PFC Launches Training with Univ. of Maryland
  • PFC Webinars Offer Online Help for Businesses
  • ASA Activist Profile: Frank Buress, Wisconsin
  • National Action Alert: Urge Congress to Renew Patient Protections
Jun 182017

ASA Activist Newsletter - June 2017

In the June 2017 Issue:

  • CARERS Act Revived in Congress with Added Co-Sponsors
  • Safe Access Tennessee Launches Grassroots Patient Groups
  • PFC at Forefront of International Standards Development
  • California Lobby Day Draws 200 Advocates
  • Maryland Program Delays Spur Patient Protest
  • ASA Activist Profile: Nichole Miller, Caregiver, Virginia
  • ACTION ALERT: Urge your Senators to support CARERS!
May 052017

ASA Activist Newsletter - May 2017 - Americans for Safe Access

In the May 2017 Issue:

  • Medical Cannabis Protections Renewed by Congress
  • Indiana Enacts Law Allowing CBD for Epilepsy
  • Wisconsin Enacts CBD Law
  • California Releases Proposed Cannabis Regulations
  • Mexico Legislature Passes Medical Marijuana Bill
  • International Group OKs Development of Cannabis Standards
  • ASA National Unity Conference a Success
  • Free Online Cannabis Health Summit May 6-7
  • ACTION ALERT: Support More Federal Action, Join ASA Today
Apr 082017

ASA Activist Newsletter - April 2017 - Americans for Safe Access

In the April 2017 Issue:

  • ASA Hosts 5th Annual National Unity Conference
  • West Virginia to Join Medical Cannabis States
  • Virginia Expands Medical Cannabis Program
  • Indiana Legislature Moves to Allow CBD
  • Federal Cannabis Policy Under Review
  • Oregon Recalls Cannabis over Pesticide
  • ASA Activist of the Year: Nichole Snow, Massachusetts
  • ACTION ALERT: Join ASA for Lobby Day 2017
Mar 202017

ASA Activist Newsletter - March 2017 - Americans for Safe Access

  • ASA’s Annual Report on State Programs Finds Improvements
  • DEA Yields to Pressure, Removes Misinformation on Cannabis
  • House Cannabis Bills Introduced, Senators Pressure AG Sessions
  • LA Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Cannabis Regulation
  • ASA and PFC to Contribute to International Cannabis Standards
  • New Location for ASA National Unity Conference
  • ASA Activist Profile: Dana Ulrich, Pennsylvania
  • ACTION ALERT: Send ASA’s Access Report to Your State Officials
Feb 072017

ASA Activist Newsletter - Feb 2017 - Americans for Safe Access

In the February 2017 Issue:

  • ASA Petition to Fix DEA Falsehoods Passes 100k Mark
  • Review Finds Cannabis is Medicine, More Study Needed
  • Guam Starts Licensing Process, Mandates PFC for businesses
  • Ohio Taking Comment on Proposed Medical Cannabis Rules
  • Florida Officials Propose Rules that Ignore Voters
  • Hawaii Implementing Dispensary Program
  • Medical Cannabis Covered by Workers Comp in New Jersey
  • Germany Makes Cannabis Available by Prescription
  • ASA Activist Profile: Terrie Best, San Diego
  • ACTION ALERT: Register for Unity 2017
Jan 062017

ASA Activist Newsletter - 2016 Year in Review - Americans for Safe Access

2016 Year in Review

ASA in 2016: Protecting Patients, Defending Facts, Educating Leaders

  • ASA Files Demand to Correct DEA Misinformation
  • Roadmap for Medical Cannabis Policy Shows Solutions
  • Report Shows Cannabis Can Address Opioid Crisis
  • ASA Brings Patient Pleas for Reform to UN
  • Medical Cannabis Educational Resource Launches Online
  • Annual Report on Safe Access Finds States Improving

Federal Medical Cannabis Developments

  • Congress Extends State Medical Cannabis Protections through April
  • Appeals Court Says DOJ Can’t Prosecute State-Legal Individuals
  • Appeals Court Rules Medical Cannabis Patients Can’t Buy Guns
  • DEA Again Denies Medical Use of Cannabis, Rejects Rescheduling

State Medical Cannabis Progress

  • Lawmakers Enact New Medical Cannabis Laws in Ohio and Pennsylvania
  • Lawmakers in Many States Expand and Accelerate Safe Access
  • Arkansas, North Dakota, Florida, Montana Voters OK Initiatives
Dec 162016

ASA Activist Newsletter - Dec 2016 - Americans for Safe Access

In this Issue:

  • ASA Petition Demands DEA Correct Misinformation About Cannabis
  • Roadmap for Resolving Medical Marijuana Policy Conflicts Released
  • Voters Approve Medical Cannabis Measures in Four States
  • Congress Extends State Medical Cannabis Protections through April
  • New Medical Cannabis Educational Resource Launches Online
  • ASA National Unity Conference Registration Opens
  • ACTION ALERT: Join the IQA Petition Campaign