ASA Monthly Newsletters

ASA Activist Newsletter - Sept 2014

Posted by · September 04, 2014 1:36 PM

In this Issue:

  • CNN Report on Kettle Falls 5 Airs Tonight
  • ASA Runs Ad about NFL Players
  • California Lobby Day Yields Results
  • DC Empowers Doctors to Decide Eligibility
  • First Connecticut Dispensaries open
  • Action Alert: Plan Your Trip to DC
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ASA Activist Newsletter - August 2014

Posted by · August 05, 2014 7:24 PM


  • As New York Enacts Bill, ASA Issues Analysis of State Laws
  • National Medical Cannabis Manufacturing Guidelines Issued
  • Landmark House Vote on Medical Cannabis Banking
  • House CBD-Only Bill Introduced
  • Chapter Profile: Michigan ASA
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ASA Activist Newsletter - July 2014

Posted by · July 02, 2014 12:59 AM


  • Bipartisan Medical Cannabis Measure in Senate
  • Federal Medical Cannabis Defendant Lobbies Senate
  • ASA TV Ads Hit House Members on Vote
  • New York to become 23rd Medical Cannabis State
  • Certification for Businesses in Arizona, New Mexico
  • ACTION ALERT: Contact Your Senators
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ASA Activist Newsletter - June 2014

Posted by · June 06, 2014 4:29 PM


  • House Votes to Rein in Federal Interference
  • ASA Airs TV Ads Targeting House Members
  • Minnesota Enacts Medical Cannabis Law
  • New Mexico Court Says Insurance Covers Cannabis
  • House Group Seeks End to Research Barrier
  • Federal Supply of Research Cannabis Increased
  • California Senate Passes Medical Cannabis Bill
  • Action Alert: Contact Your U.S. Senators Today!
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ASA Activist Newsletter - May 2014

Posted by · May 06, 2014 6:29 PM


  • Maryland Becomes 21st Medical Cannabis State
  • ASA Conference Brings Citizen Lobbyists to Capitol
  • Tracks Votes in Congress
  • Five Patients in Washington Face Federal Trial
  • ASA Activist Profile: Seth Greene
  • Spring Membership Perks!
  • In Memoriam: George Vogel
  • ACTION ALERT: How Did Your Rep Vote on VA Access? 
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ASA Activist Newsletter - Apr 2014

Posted by · April 04, 2014 12:56 PM


  • ASA Second Annual National Conference
  • New scientific review of epilepsy and medical cannabis
  • PTSD study approved by HHS, Michigan adds it to conditions
  • Maryland lawmakers pass competing bills
  • Utah & Alabama pass CBD-only bills
  • PFC for Seattle dispensary
  • Activist Profile: Melissa Fults, Arkansas
  • Action Alert: Support HR 689 & HR 710
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ASA Activist Newsletter - Mar 2014

Posted by · March 10, 2014 12:09 AM


  • First Dispensaries Earn Patient Focused Certification
  • New DOJ Policy on Cannabis Business Banking
  • Members of Congress Urge Obama to Reclassify Cannabis
  • Epilepsy Foundation Calls for Safe Access, More Research
  • Federal Judge Rules Warrant Needed for Patient Records
  • California Dispensary One of Many Battling IRS
  • Oregon Accepting Dispensary Applications
  • San Diego Passes New Medical Cannabis Regulations
  • Three Medical Cannabis Bills in California
  • ACTION ALERT: Help Fund a Unity Scholarship!
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ASA Activist Newsletter - Feb 2014

Posted by · February 05, 2014 1:03 AM


  • New York Becomes 21st Medical Cannabis State
  • Obama Administration Sets Stage for Policy Change
  • NFL Commissioner Says League May Consider Medical Cannabis
  • Florida Voters Will Decide Medical Cannabis Initiative
  • Connecticut Announces Four Production Licensees
  • Massachusetts Approves 20 Dispensaries, Invites 8 to Reapply
  • Illinois Still Working on Rules, Invites Comment
  • Pennsylvania Legislature Holds First Medical Cannabis Hearings
  • Virginia Lobby Day Success
  • Georgia Lawmaker Introduces CBD Bill
  • ACTION ALERTS: Clemency Petition & Unity Conference
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ASA Activist Newsletter - 2013 Year in Review

Posted by · January 06, 2014 2:23 PM