ASA Activist Newsletter - 2014 Year in Review

| January 06, 2015 |

ASA’s 2014 Year in Review Federal Ceasefire in Medical Cannabis States States Pass or Implement Cannabis Access Laws ASA Report Reveals Limitations of Current State Laws Landmark Cannabis Business Guidelines Released, Certification Program Launched Federal Supply of Research Cannabis Increased...

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ASA Activist Newsletter - Dec 2014

| December 03, 2014 |

In this Issue New Bill to Allow VA Doctors to Recommend Distribution Plans Move Forward in Minnesota, New Hampshire, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island and Connecticut  Activist Profile: Patrick Seifert, Olympia, Washington ACTION ALERT: Unity 2015

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ASA Activist Newsletter - Nov 2014

| November 11, 2014 |

In This Issue Vote Medical Marijuana Campaign a Success Chapter Profile: Nevada County ASA Chapter Florida Amendment 2 Garners Strong Majority Cannabis Measures Pass in Oregon, Alaska, DC Federal Court Hears Evidence on Cannabis Classification Seattle Seeks to Close Medical...

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ASA Activist Newsletter - Oct 2014

| October 12, 2014 |

In This Issue New York Wants Federal Waiver for CBD Patients and Industry Win in Nevada Penn. Senate Approves Medical Cannabis Bill Local Measures Dominate California Ballot ASA Unity 2015 Conference Activist Profile: Kelly Sachs, Florida Action Alert:

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ASA Activist Newsletter - Sept 2014

| September 04, 2014 |

In this Issue: CNN Report on Kettle Falls 5 Airs Tonight ASA Runs Ad about NFL Players California Lobby Day Yields Results DC Empowers Doctors to Decide Eligibility First Connecticut Dispensaries open Action Alert: Plan Your Trip to DC

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ASA Activist Newsletter - August 2014

| August 05, 2014 |

IN THIS ISSUE As New York Enacts Bill, ASA Issues Analysis of State Laws National Medical Cannabis Manufacturing Guidelines Issued Landmark House Vote on Medical Cannabis Banking House CBD-Only Bill Introduced Chapter Profile: Michigan ASA ACTION ALERT:

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ASA Activist Newsletter - July 2014

| July 02, 2014 |

IN THIS ISSUE Bipartisan Medical Cannabis Measure in Senate Federal Medical Cannabis Defendant Lobbies Senate ASA TV Ads Hit House Members on Vote New York to become 23rd Medical Cannabis State Certification for Businesses in Arizona, New Mexico ACTION ALERT:...

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ASA Activist Newsletter - June 2014

| June 06, 2014 |

IN THIS ISSUE House Votes to Rein in Federal Interference ASA Airs TV Ads Targeting House Members Minnesota Enacts Medical Cannabis Law New Mexico Court Says Insurance Covers Cannabis House Group Seeks End to Research Barrier Federal Supply of Research...

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ASA Activist Newsletter - May 2014

| May 06, 2014 |

IN THIS ISSUE Maryland Becomes 21st Medical Cannabis State ASA Conference Brings Citizen Lobbyists to Capitol Tracks Votes in Congress Five Patients in Washington Face Federal Trial ASA Activist Profile: Seth Greene Spring Membership Perks! In Memoriam: George Vogel...

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ASA Activist Newsletter - Apr 2014

| April 04, 2014 |

IN THIS ISSUE ASA Second Annual National Conference New scientific review of epilepsy and medical cannabis PTSD study approved by HHS, Michigan adds it to conditions Maryland lawmakers pass competing bills Utah & Alabama pass CBD-only bills PFC for Seattle...

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