What is the Policy Shop?

While state medical cannabis laws vary tremendously, the needs of patients remain consistent across the nation. The need for accurate and authoritative information on crafting laws for patient access is growing daily. While many regulations look good on paper, their impact can be detrimental to the patients they seek to help. It is ASA's position that the true test of successful medical cannabis policy is when the patient community has achieved safe and legal access.

An important part of achieving effective medical cannabis laws is to ensuring that legislative and regulatory proposals are meeting the needs of patients and communities without putting to onerous restrictions on individual patients.  Luckily, there is no longer a need to guess impacts of legislation  and regulations as we can now look to other states for insights on working models.

Utilizing ASA’s eleven years of experience in implementing medical cannabis laws and our “Legislating Compassion” and “Regulating Compassion” policy tools, ASA staff and our advisory committees offer patient advocates and policy makers legislative and regulatory analysis, amendments for legislation and regulations, strategy advice, campaign development and support, and targeted lobbying materials.

For more information contact policy@safeaccessnow.org