Today, cannabis-based therapies have provided relief to millions of Americans, often serving as a crucial alternative when conventional treatments have failed or as a safer option compared to pharmaceuticals. However, state-level medical cannabis programs operate independently of the broader healthcare systems, creating significant financial, geographical, and legal barriers for individuals seeking access to these treatments.

ASA is calling on Congress to adopt a comprehensive approach to cannabis regulations that would include the creation of a new schedule for cannabis & cannabinoids (Schedule VI) & the creation of the Office of Medical Cannabis & Cannabinoids Control (OMC) housed in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoid Act of 2024 (MCCA)was drafted by Americans for Safe Access with input from patient organizations, regulators, researchers, and medical professionals, builds on knowledge from state cannabis programs & incorporates the experience of the 50+ countries with federal medical cannabis programs.

Please also refer to this 1 page handout which summarizes the MCCA legilsation.



Tell Congress that YOU Support for the MCCA

For medical cannabis advocates, rescheduling marks a shift in the struggle for access, pushing the issue to the federal level. While rescheduling alone won't erase all barriers, it signifies progress towards integrating cannabis into the healthca...