Policy Positions

Learn about ASA's policy position on medical marijuana

National Policy Agenda

Federal law prohibits the use of cannabis even for medical purposes. Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is working to change federal policy to meet the immediate needs of patients, their providers, physicians, other health care providers and medical researchers. ASA and our members encourage Congress, the Administration, and others to support long-term solutions for safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and programs that advance medical and scientific research.

Model Federal Legislation

Despite the amazing progress made by various state medical cannabis programs, safe access is still hampered by the conflict between federal and state laws. We proposed resolving this conflict through the federal legalization of medical cannabis via the rescheduling of cannabis and the creation of a federal Office of Medical Cannabis Control. The model legislative language below outlines the required CSA amendment as well as the creation and structure of the proposed agency.

Public Comments by ASA

Over the years ASA has weighed in on state and local legislation and regulations. Look in this section to see if ASA has already responded to legislative proposals in your area.

Guide to Regulating Industry Standards

ASA has created the Patients Focused Certification (PFC) program. PFC is a non-profit, third party certification program for the medical cannabis industry and the nation’s only certification program for the AHPA and AHP standards. PFC is available to all qualifying companies cultivating, manufacturing, or distributing medical cannabis products, as well as to laboratories providing medical cannabis analytic services. PFC offers a comprehensive program that includes employee training, compliance inspections, ongoing monitoring, regulatory updates and an independent complaint process for consumers.


ASA conducts and compiles research on issues affecting medical marijuana patients across the country.