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Check out our online Advocate's Training Center, connect with local ASA groups in your area, get active in our current campaigns, and learn about how to respond as an advocate when a raid occurs.

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Campaigns & Projects

ASA has made some great progress since its inception in 2002, but unfortunately, much of that progress can be lost without proper civic engagement from advocates. We have numerous campaigns and projects at local, state and federal levels that are aimed at specific changes in laws or regulations. Learn more about our campaigns and projects here.

Advocate For Medical Cannabis

ASA helps organize media support for court cases, rapid response to law enforcement raids, and capacity-building for advocates. Our successful lobbying, media and legal campaigns have resulted in important court precedents, new sentencing standards, and more compassionate community guidelines. This is where you come in ... get involved now!

Take Action Online Now

Start doing advocacy right away. ASA has created online advocacy tools for many federal, state, and even local issues. You can email your electeds, sign a petition, or write a Letter to the Editor in a matter of minutes with these easy actions!

The Medical Cannabis Advocate's Training Center

ASA believes that good policy is created when those who are most affected are at the table. Just because you are medical cannabis patient, it doesn't mean that you automatically have a degree in public policy. ASA has always been committed to demystifying political systems and providing advocates the tools they need to participate in the processes in a meaningful way. Learn all about grassroots organizing, citizen lobbying, media spokesperson training, and much more.

Local Advocacy Resources

Find local resources here state-by-state. ASA has Chapters, Action Groups, and Affiliates all over the county that can answer your questions and help you get more involved at the state and local level.

Raid Center

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and local law enforcement agencies continue to raid medical cannabis providers, even if the provider's conduct is legal under state law and complies with all city and county regulations. Medical cannabis providers need to prepare themselves, both mentally and operationally, for a raid.

Vote Medical Cannabis

Vote Medical Marijuana is a voter education campaign that includes encouraging our members to register to vote, grades for every Member of Congress based on their voting record, information about ballot initiatives, and provides our members with tools to use when voting.