Advocacy Take Action

Check out our online Advocate's Training Center, connect with local ASA groups in your area, get active in our current campaigns, and learn about how to respond as an advocate when a raid occurs.

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ASA Chapters

ASA chapters formally bring together like-minded activists in your community to work together toward ensuring safe access to medical cannabis. ASA chapters are part of a national network of ASA activists and staff who work together on a regular basis to achieve shared goals.

Take Action

Start doing advocacy right away. ASA has created online advocacy tools for many federal, state, and even local issues. You can email your electeds, sign a petition, or write a Letter to the Editor in a matter of minutes with these easy actions!


ASA has made some great progress since its inception in 2002, but unfortunately, much of that progress can be lost without proper civic engagement from advocates. We have numerous campaigns and projects at local, state and federal levels that are aimed at specific changes in laws or regulations. Learn more about our campaigns and projects here.