Americans for Safe Access is a member driven, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. For over 20 years, we have been driving the national debate on issues surrounding medical cannabis. Our members, donors and sponsors have made this work possible and are truly the engine behind the expansion of patients’ rights and access to medical cannabis across the globe.

Today over 5,000,000 Americans are legal medical cannabis patients because of the work of Americans for Safe Access and our supporters. However, there is still so much more that we must do to accomplish our mission.

We want to make access to medical cannabis as safe, reliable, affordable, and accepted as any other medicine. Your support and participation are critical in helping to realize this goal.

We hope that you join us today and become a part of this rich history of patient advocacy!

Because until there is safe access… We are Americans for Safe Access!

Please choose one or more of these ways to get involved!

  • Become an ASA member!
    ASA is a member-based organization and we rely on the support of our members to protect medical cannabis patients.
  • Make a tax-deductible donation!
    Your donation will help us carry on our fight for safe access for all Americans.
  • Become an ASA sponsor!
    For businesses and organizations that want to support the fight for safe access and demonstrate their commitment to advoacacy, we offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities for a variety of budgets.
  • Sign up for ASA's emails!
    We send a email updates and news alerts to keep our supporters up to date on the fight for safe access. We also send additional emails with timely information about upcoming events and local advocacy opportunities.
  • Volunteer with ASA!
    You can complete these volunteer forms and we'll get in touch with opportunities for you to complete work to join our fight for the safe access that everyone deserves.
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Become an ASA Sponsor

We developed the Business Sponsorship program for a few reasons: first we wanted to recognize those organizations and businesses that are supporting our work. Secondly, our members want to support organizations and business that are supporting ASA. This program will allow you to put funds directly into the movement while getting special benefits from ASA and other businesses like discounts on services your business needs, publicity, and discounts on advertising.

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We are closer than ever to creating safe access to medical cannabis nationwide. Give now to ensure the fight continues until everyone has safe access.