Americans for Safe Access is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. For over 20 years, we have been driving the national debate on issues surrounding medical cannabis and our sponsors serve as the engine behind the expansion of patients’ rights & access to medical cannabis across the globe.

ASA sponsorships offer a pathway to fund the movement & leverage your resources toward our mission. Our sponsorship program was created to raise funds for our campaigns, projects & programs and to promote organizations & businesses that support our work.

Sponsors are featured on ASA's website and promotional materials, in publications, during webinars at events benefiting from ASA-generated publicity, marketing & brand exposure, and receive discounts on services. Sponsors can increase their benefits and discounts by partnering with ASA in outreach campaigns such as:  

  • AMPLIFY ASA’S SOCIAL MEDIA- Follow ASA on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter & re-post our social media posts 
  • LINK TO ASA - Add a link to ASA’s website, share our blog posts, and include ASA action alerts on your website 
  • SHARE ASA ACTION ALERTS - Share our Action Alerts to help support advancements in cannabis policy.
  • MEMBERSHIP SIGN-UP FOR EMPLOYEES - Sign up all your employees for ASA membership 
  • DONATE PROCEEDS - Donate part of your proceeds from a day, week, weekend, month, or a special event
  • DISCOUNTS FOR ASA MEMBERS - Offer ASA members a discount on products or services.
  • POS ROUND UP - Offer a roundup donation option at check-out
  • POS DONATION - Add a donation option at check-out 
  • ASA AD ON MENU BOARD - Place an ad for ASA on your menu board
  • ASA AD ON RECEIPTS - Place an ad for ASA on purchase receipts

We hope you become a sponsor today and join us in the exciting, meaningful work of patient advocacy!

Learn more about our current sponsors!

Ally Level

  • 5% discount on sponsorship for all ASA events and publications
  • Social Media Announcement
  • 5% off PFC Trainings


Foundational Level

  • 10% off sponsorship on all ASA events and publications
  • Social Media Announcement and Featured Video
  • 10% off PFC Trainings 

Legacy Level

  • Sponsorship for all ASA events and publications
  • Social Media Announcement, Featured Video, and Press Release
  • 20% off PFC Trainings