Tell your Virginia state legislators to support safe access to medical marijuana

There are currently three bills concerning medical marijuana before the Virginia legislature. While each of these proposals would be an improvement to the current situation, these bills each fall short from providing Virginian's with safe and legal access to medical marijuana therapy. 

We encourage every patient advocate in Virginia to send a message to their elected officials in Richmond expressing general support three bills introduced this session, HB 1445, HB 1605, and SB 1235, but that each of the bills falls short by not creating a safe and legal system in which patients can obtain their medicine. Please feel free to customize the language, and to add a brief personal story you've experienced on how medical cannabis has improved your life or the lives of those around you. Patients with conditions other than cancer, glaucoma, or epilepsy are particularly encouraged to share their stories.

Click here to email your Virginia state legislators!

It is important for medical marijuana advocates to let the General Assembly know about the shortcomings in the current proposals. Even if patient advocates are not successful in improving the legislation this session, we will be in a better position to improve the law next session.