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Sep 072018

Demand Unbiased Information About Medical Cannabis - Americans for Safe Access

There is no way we can have honest conversations with lawmakers about medical cannabis if the White House is organizing smear campaigns behind the scene. While the existence and reach of the Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee is unclear, one thing is certain; that the public should be entitled to neutral statistics and studies when it comes to cannabis, not those that are slanted in a negative manner.

To help promote a fair debate about medical cannabis, we ask you urge your Member of Congress to cosponsor the Marijuana Data Collection Act (H.R. 6495)which requires the Secretary of HHS to coordinate with the DOJ, DOL, and States (to the greatest extent possible) and direct the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) to publish a biannual study on the health, safety, and economic effects of state legalized marijuana programs.


Jun 112018

Pass the STATES Act! - Americans for Safe Access

The STATES Act puts cannabis policy where it belongs; with the individual states rather than with the federal government. Since 1996, states have defied the federal government and created medical cannabis programs to help patients. The STATES Act allows states to set their own policies for patients without federal interference.


Jun 112018

New Legislation: STATES Act to Respect State Cannabis Laws - Americans for Safe Access

The STATES Act allows each state, the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico, as well as several tribal governments, to determine their own policy when it comes to cannabis laws without interference from the Department of Justice or other federal agencies. This bill does not legalize cannabis at the federal level but rather allows states the power to set policies approving or prohibiting cannabis. The STATES Act also resolves many of the issues of taxes and banking that have hindered the medical cannabis industry.

Contact your representatives and senators right now and tell them to cosponsor the STATES Act so we can finally end the federal state conflict!

Jun 082018

Veterans Deserve Safe Access to Medical Cannabis - Americans for Safe Access

Veterans deserve equal and safe access to medical cannabis. Join us and tell your Member of Congress to support equal access for all veterans!


Jun 072018

Send the State of the States Report to Your Legislators - Americans for Safe Access

After hosting scores of community forums across the U.S. to gather input from patients on the issues most important to them, ASA created a matrix to analyze medical cannabis laws in order to evaluate and grade each component based on patient needs. As more states adopt and improve medical cannabis laws, we hope that state legislators and regulators will use this matrix to help them design comprehensive, helpful laws for patients, particularly laws that will help reduce the number of preventable opioid deaths.

The report uses a point system to grade each state’s medical marijuana law on:

  1. Patients' Rights and Civil Protections From Discrimination
  2. Access to Medicine
  3. Ease of Navigation
  4. Functionality
  5. Consumer Safety and Provider Requirements


Jun 062018

Don't Let Jeff Sessions Win! - Americans for Safe Access

Contact your Senators and Representative today to ask them to ensure the CJS Medical Marijuana Amendment is included in the FY2018 appropriations package AND end the federal conflict once and for all by sponsoring the CARERS Act.


Apr 252018

Treat Employees Using Medical Cannabis Fairly! - Americans for Safe Access

AB 2069 requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations at the workplace for medical cannabis patients under the Fair Employment and Housing Act in the same way employers must accommodate the use of other prescription medications

Call or email your legislator and urge them to support AB 2069 to open up job opportunities for medical cannabis patients.


Oct 122017

Tweet a Thank You to Co-Sponsors and Sponsors of the CARERS Act of 2017 - Americans for Safe Access

PROTECT-MEDICAL-CANNABIS-PATIENTS_copy.pngToo often we forget to thank Members of Congress who show their support for medical cannabis patients and their access to medicine. Please take a moment today to use the links below to tweet a quick "thank you" to the original sponsors and co-sponsors of the CARERS Act of 2017. Members in yellow are the newest co-sponsors.

If your Member of Congress is not a co-sponsor yet, send them a message and ask them to co-sponsor CARERS today!

Sep 252017

Trump: Declare a National Emergency so states can use cannabis to fight opioid overdoses. - Americans for Safe Access

Opioids claim the lives of 91 individuals every day. With nearly 60,000 overdose deaths in 2016, 60% of which were related to prescription opioids, it is clear that there is a major public health crisis in our country. That is why we are launching our End Pain Not Lives campaign.

Sign the Petition

Jul 242017

US Senate: Protect Medical Cannabis Patients! - Americans for Safe Access

PROTECT-MEDICAL-CANNABIS-PATIENTS.pngThe ONLY thing protecting state medical cannabis programs from Attorney General Jeff Session’s Department of Justice (DOJ) raids and arrests is an amendment to the Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies (CJS) budget that prohibits the DOJ from spending federal funds to prosecute anyone participating in a medical cannabis program as long as they are abiding by state laws.

Contact your Senator TODAY and ask them to ensure that protections for state medical cannabis programs are in the budget for fiscal year 2018.