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  • Ask your US Representative to sign Rep. Blumenhauer's letter

    US Representative Earl Blumenhauer (D-OR) is sending a letter to President Obama asking him to follow his recent comments on cannabis and its classification under federal law with action. Will you call your US Representative today and ask him or her to support this effort by signing Representative Blumenhauer’s letter?

    Click here to find contact information for your US Representative and some talking points to help with the short phone call.

    President Obama told a reporter that cannabis was no more dangerous than alcohol on January 27. When asked about that comment by a CNN reporter a few days later, the President said it was up to Congress to decide which drugs belong on Schedule I – a classification reserved for dangerous drugs with no medical value. It is encouraging to hear the President taking a relatively enlightened view of the safety of cannabis and raising the question about its classification under federal law. But we need him to go further.

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  • Join Safe Access VA for Activist Training & Lobby Day!

    Come and help Safe Access Virginia share the medical cannabis legislation and build relationships with our elected officials in Richmond. It's a federal holiday but the General Assembly will be in session. We will be holding a citizen lobby training session on Saturday, January 18 from Noon until 4 PM in Richmond to help prepare everyone for this lobby session. 

    Activist Training 
     Saturday, January 18, 2014, 12:00am -4:00pm
    Where: Richmond Public Library Main branch located at 101 E. Franklin St., Richmond, VA 23219 from 12-4 PM
    Why: Join us in blazing a path for the future to ensure all patients have full, legal, safe access to medical cannabis.

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  • ASA's Newest Chapter Starts off With a Bang!

    ASA_VA_4.jpgSafe Access Virginia (SAV) held its first meeting last Saturday, November 16th, at a restaurant in downtown Richmond, VA. Nearly twenty people attended, representing areas from all around the commonwealth. Members from drug policy reform organizations including VA NORML, Students for Sensible Drug Policy at VCU and Virginians Against Drug Violence offered their support in bolstering our cause.  We even had a visit from Bismarck, the well-known St. Bernard behind Canines for Cannabis! We are thankful for this turnout, given that many of these people drove for hours to work with us to legalize medical cannabis.

    Led by Vice Chair Mohammed Mustafa and Chair TJ Thompson, the meeting was a great success. We covered our focus and goals, highlighting our drafted Virginia Medical Cannabis Act, which sets up a regulatory framework for the cultivation, production, processing and distribution of medical cannabis, the implementation of which is to be overseen by a health committee established by the Act. We discussed – some of us more passionately than others – which legislators we have contacted, who is sympathetic and who may represent a political roadblock. We directed our members to talk to their representatives, and gave them the resources for referencing our Act. As our chapter is less than one month old, this is major progress.

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  • Join Safe Access Virginia tomorrow at 12pm for inaugural meeting!

    VA_Chapter.pngSafe Access Virginia (SAV) is the brand new ASA chapter dedicated to bringing medical cannabis to our commonwealth. While Virginia was one of the very first states to adopt a medical cannabis policy in the late 1970s, the still-extant law is purely symbolic, requiring a valid cannabis prescription for any legal immunity and failing to establish any distribution scheme. SAV was created to address this issue on a statewide level, to ensure that compassion and reason guide expedient medical cannabis policy change.

    We have already contacted our legislators in person, via phone and via letter, and have received mixed responses. Given the recent contentious elections in Virginia and the national and state-level fervor over healthcare reform, the time for pushing medical cannabis policy is now. We have created a comprehensive Virginia Medical Cannabis Act, which establishes a committee comprised of professionals and laypeople from various backgrounds to oversee the immediate implementation of the details of the act. The act covers legal immunity, responsibilities and rights of patients, physicians and caretakers, a system of distribution and patient cultivation, and identifies a wide and expandable list of qualifying conditions. We are hoping to find sponsors for this act this legislative session.

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  • Virginia Advocacy

    ASA relies on the strength of our grassroots activists to fight for medical cannabis at the local and state levels. The best way for new advocates to get involved is by joining or starting a chapter to work on local issues. If there are not any local resources near to you, consider starting your own official ASA Chapter or Action Group! 

    ASA Chapter:

    Safe Access Virginia

    Contact: Mohammed Mustafa
    Location: Virginia State
    Email: [email protected]
    Join Safe Access Virginia on Facebook
    Meeting Info: TBD