ASA's National Office, located in Washington, DC, advocates for safe access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research to better meet the immediate needs of patients, medical professionals, and researchers. We help to broaden support for medical cannabis on Capitol Hill, and within executive agencies and national institutes.

ASA’s Federal Advocacy Project coordinates a diverse coalition of advocacy organizations engaging in federal lobbying and connects ASA members with their elected officials. ASA monitors all federal legislative and regulatory actions, drafts and analyzes legislative and regulatory proposals with congressional and administrative staff, and keeps Congress informed about breaking developments.

ASA’s Federal Advocacy Project has passed several appropriation amendments and has worked with congressional champions to introduce medical cannabis legislation.

Today ASA is focused on passing federal legislation that would create a federal cannabis program through 2 major actions: 1) The creation of the Office of Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoid Control (OMCCC) housed in HHS and 2) The creation of a new schedule for cannabis, Schedule VI. The mission of the OMCCC would be to facilitate access to medical cannabis for therapeutic use and research, regulate the production of medical cannabis products, and oversee the new schedule VI.

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