Excerpted from ASA's 2022 State of the States Report.

In 2023 ASA recommends legislators tread carefully as they work to legislate the adult use/recreational market. Medical cannabis and adult-use/recreational cannabis are not the same, and the consumer populations within each group are distinct, with their own needs. An adult-use/recreational program alone is not sufficient for medical cannabis patients, and lawmakers must ensure that the adult-use/recreational market is separate from the medical cannabis market, and policymakers must continue to make improvements on the medical side for patients.

In particular, policymakers should immediately move to lower the outrageous patient registration fee; the administrative costs of medical cannabis should not be placed on the shoulders of patients. Policymakers should also work to ensure that there is a sufficient number of licensed retailers around the state and prioritize licenses for facilities that would serve previously underserved areas and populations.

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