This section provides patients, attorneys, and pro se defendants with legal resources, including information on: how to become a patient, rights and responsibilities, landmark legal decisions, how to defend a medical marijuana case, return of property, and civil issues such as employment, housing, and child custody.

In This Section

Legal Information By State & Federal Law

Medical marijuana laws in your state and federally. Laws governing becoming a legal patient, recommending medical marijuana and more.

Facing State or Federal Charges?

Resources to help medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and providers facing prosecution.

Raid Preparedness

Even today law enforcement raids are possibility. This document is a tool for preparing for a law enforcement raid.

State Legal Manuals

These exhaustive state legal manuals give you the nuts and bolts of medical marijuana law in all Medical Cannabis States: becoming a patient and caregiver, legal defense, and organizing for successful court solidarity among other useful items.

Return of Property

Legal information about getting your medical marijuana returned by law enforcement. (California-specific)

Knowing Your Rights

Your right under medical marijuana laws, and information about how to handle police encounters.