What legalization means for medical cannabis

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  • Message from the CA Director: Thursday - What Legalization Means for Medical Cannabis 
  • State & Local News: National California, San Mateo County, Costa Mesa, Nevada County, Galt
  • Public Meetings & Events: San Francisco, Santa Ana, Washington DC, and Online
  • Court Support: Pamona, Redbluff, Redding, and more
  • Take Action Now: Expand the Green Zone (SF), Join the ASA-CCSA Discussion List, Support the Medical Marijuana Organ Transplant Act
  • ASA Website Spotlight: Resources for Providers
  • Chapter & Affiliate Meetings: San Francisco ASA, East Bay ASA, Lake County ASA, and OC NORML

There is a lot of momentum behind legalizing cannabis for responsible adult use right now. Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia joined Washington and Colorado in legalizing cannabis on Election Day. Voters in California will probably decide on the issue in November of 2016. What does that mean for medical cannabis patients, cultivators, and providers? How will it impact local regulations and state laws? Will patients keep all of the rights they have now? Will medical and non-medical cannabis consumers continue to face discrimination in employment, housing, parental rights, and access to health care?

Please join me on Thursday night at 7:00 PM for a live Google Hangout entitled “What Legalization Means for Medical Cannabis.” I am going to share my thoughts on the benefits and potential pitfalls for medical cannabis stakeholders and talk about the legislative agenda in California between now and November of 2016. There will be a time to share comments and ask questions. Look for ASA’s new paper on legalization and medical cannabis before the broadcast on the event pages below.

A Google Hangout is an interactive event you can join from your computer of mobile device. Click on this link a few minutes early to get signed in and participate in the Q&A/comments: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/ck8r7cos98b1d6kqube10i4p2so Use this link to watch the broadcast live on YouTube (without signing in): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk8nCOm4UQs

Please invite your friends and loved ones!

California & National News

Rohrabacher Tells Republicans Pot ‘Is Going to Help You Politically’ (National)
Hannah Hess, Roll Call

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher was a senior speechwriter at the White House when first lady Nancy Reagan coined the catchphrase, “Just Say No.” On Thursday, the California Republican acknowledged just how much things have changed in Washington when it comes to drug policy as he stood alongside Democrats Earl Blumenauer, Jared Polis and Eleanor Holmes Norton to talk to reporters about Oregon, Colorado and the District of Columbia voters approving legalized weed.
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Talking Marijuana Vodcast: Midterm Election Recap (California)
Jon Lovitz Vodcast Network

Hosts Barry Kramer, Yami Bolanos, and ASA California Director Don Duncan discuss the outcomes of the 2014 midterm elections - US Congress, Florida, Oregon, Alaska, California, Guam, and more.
Watch the video here:

US Veterans Denied Pain Medications Over Medical Marijuana Use (California)
CA NORML, The Daily Chronic

As the US prepares to honor its veterans on Veteran’s Day, California NORML has been receiving phone calls and emails from vets who are being told by their VA doctors that they must choose between their prescription pain medications or their medical marijuana.
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Why you can thank a gay, hippie Vietnam veteran for legal medical and recreational marijuana today (California)
David Downs, SF Gate - Smell the Truth

One of the forefather’s of modern medical marijuana, Dennis Peron, credits his time in the Vietnam War with giving him the clarity and resolve to come back home and end the war on pot.
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Man With Medical Marijuana Card Found Guilty For Attempting To Bring Pot On Plane (San Mateo County)
Susan C. Schena, Patch.com

A San Mateo County jury on Wednesday found a 36-year-old San Francisco man guilty of attempting to bring marijuana aboard a flight at the San Francisco International Airport last year, prosecutors said.
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Tax provisions could trip up Costa Mesa marijuana proposals (Costa Mesa)
Bradley Zint, Daily Pilot

When it comes to the possibility of medical marijuana returning to Costa Mesa, City Hall is finding itself in a legal morass, caught between California's Constitution and its election code.
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Our View: Measure S doesn’t mean status quo is sufficient (Nevada County)
The Union

More than a full week since Nevada County cast its vote on Election Day, several of the local races remain too close to call, as the Elections Office continues to count the remaining 2,832 ballots yet to be tabulated.
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Galt considers ban on growing medical marijuana (Galt)
Jennifer Bonnett, News-Sentinel - Lodi News

Last month, Galt City Councilwoman Barbara Payne said a constituent contacted her about some neighbors who were growing marijuana in their backyard.
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Public Meetings & Events

Monday, November 17, 2014 - Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense (Online)

6:00 PM at www.blogtalkradio.com/marijuananews Tune in for this weekly live Internet broadcast about cannabis and medical cannabis issues. ASA California Director will be a guest on the program. You can call in to participate. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 – SF Board of Appeals Hearing for Divinity Tree (San Francisco)
5:00 PM at City Hall, 1 Carlton B. Goodlett Pl, San Francisco, CA 94102. There is a time to speak in support of Divinity Tree, a reputable medical cannabis patients collective in the city facing a challenge to their permit. Contact Charlie Pappas at [email protected] for additional information.

Thursday, November 20, 2014 –What Legalization Means for Medical Cannabis (Online)
7:00 PM online. Join ASA California Director Don Duncan for a live Google Hangout to discuss what legalization of cannabis means (and does not mean) for medical cannabis patients, providers, and other stakeholders in California. A Google Hangout is an interactive event you can join from your computer of mobile device. Click on this link a few minutes early to get signed in and participate in the Q&A/comments: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/ck8r7cos98b1d6kqube10i4p2so Use this link to watch the broadcast live on YouTube (without signing in): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk8nCOm4UQs

Friday, November 29, 2014 – 420 Bingo Fundraiser for NORML (Santa Ana)
8:30 PM at OC NORML Office at 117 W. Fourth St., Santa Ana, CA 92701. $20 for 10 games, food, and drink. Proceeds benefit National NORML. RSVP to [email protected] to reserve your spot. 

March 27, 2015 – ASA’s National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference 2015 (Washington, DC)
Join us March 27th – 31stfor the biggest and most important medical cannabis conference yet. Early bird and ASA member discounts are now available. Save money on registration, travel, and lodging by registering now. For more information: http://www.nationalmedicalcannabisunityconference.org

Court Support

What is Court Support and how do I get involved?

Monday, November 17, 2014 – Court Support for Rick Gromoll and Laprill O’Brien (Pomona)
8:30 AM at 350 W Mission Blvd., Pomona, CA 91766. Dress in an appropriate manner and obey all courtroom rules to best help the defendants.

Monday, November 17, 2014 – Court Support for Stenhouse (Redbluff)
4:00 PM at 445 Pine S, Red Bluff, CA 96080. Dress in an appropriate manner and obey all courtroom rules to best help the defendants.

Tuesday, November 18 – Court Support for Planet Herb (Redding)
9:00 AM in Department 2 at 1655 West St, Redding , CA 96001. Dress in an appropriate manner and obey all courtroom rules to best help the defendants.

Find more information and additional listings on The Human Solution Calendar. http://www.thsintl.org/calendar

Take Action Now

Expand the MCD Green Zone (San Francisco) 

The outdated rules restricting medical cannabis dispensaries to a limited Green Zone of less than 5% of The City of San Francisco have created a clustering problem, and limit access for medical cannabis patients. The current policy has not been updated since 2005. Expanding the existing MCD Green Zone would allow vital medical cannabis dispensaries to locate in more areas of The City of San Francisco.

Join ASA’s New California Discussion List – ASA-CCSA (California)

ASA-CCSA is a membership-based email discussion list about local and state medical cannabis legislation, initiatives, referendums, and related litigation in the state of California. Unlike this weekly email, you can respond to messages on ASA-CCSA and share your response with everyone. The purpose of the list is to facilitate dialog and participation by movement and industry stakeholders. Respectful and courteous participation, conversations, and debate are welcome.

Support the Medical Marijuana Organ Transplant Act (California)


A patient in California can be denied a life-saving organ transplant solely based on the fact that he or she uses medical cannabis! Legal patients have died after being removed from the organ transplant list, and others are in jeopardy right now. Americans for Safe Access, the nation's leading medical cannabis patients' advocacy organization, proposes legislation to prevent anyone from being denied a transplant because of medical cannabis. Sign this petition to let lawmakers know you support the Medical Marijuana Organ Transplant Act to provide equal access to health care for legal patients.

ASA Website Spotlight

Provider Resources and Support

This section of the ASA website provides resources for those patients and primary caregivers who decide to be active in providing medicine for patients as part of a cooperative or collective association. Read about the laws, standards of care, certification, and more. The section also has advice on preparing for law enforcement encounters.

ASA Chapter & Affiliate Meetings

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 - San Francisco ASA (San Francisco)
7:30 PM at Lounge 847, 847 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103. Email [email protected] for more information.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 – East Bay ASA (Richmond)
6:30 at 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center, 3288 Pierce Street #108, Richmond, CA 94804. Email [email protected] for more information.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 - Lake County ASA (Clearlake Oaks)
6:30 PM at the Moose Lodge, 15900 East Highway 20, Clearlake Oaks, CA 95423. Email [email protected] for more information.

Friday, November 21, 2014 – OC NORML Meeting (Santa Ana)
8:30 PM at 117 W. Fourth St., Santa Ana, 92701. Email [email protected] for more information.

See all California ASA Chapter Meetings here:

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