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What legalization means for medical cannabis

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  • Message from the CA Director: Thursday - What Legalization Means for Medical Cannabis 
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  • Public Meetings & Events: San Francisco, Santa Ana, Washington DC, and Online
  • Court Support: Pamona, Redbluff, Redding, and more
  • Take Action Now: Expand the Green Zone (SF), Join the ASA-CCSA Discussion List, Support the Medical Marijuana Organ Transplant Act
  • ASA Website Spotlight: Resources for Providers
  • Chapter & Affiliate Meetings: San Francisco ASA, East Bay ASA, Lake County ASA, and OC NORML

There is a lot of momentum behind legalizing cannabis for responsible adult use right now. Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia joined Washington and Colorado in legalizing cannabis on Election Day. Voters in California will probably decide on the issue in November of 2016. What does that mean for medical cannabis patients, cultivators, and providers? How will it impact local regulations and state laws? Will patients keep all of the rights they have now? Will medical and non-medical cannabis consumers continue to face discrimination in employment, housing, parental rights, and access to health care?

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