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steph_norml.jpgDear Community Member,

I started Americans for Safe Access (ASA) in 2002 for the purpose of building a strong grassroots movement to protect patients and their rights to safe and legal access. At the time there were only 11 medical cannabis dispensaries in the nation and they were all operating outside of the law.  The national debate on medical cannabis centered on the legality and ethics of arresting and prosecuting patients for usage but said little about safe and legal access.  Patients were being arrested and harassed by local law enforcement and state officials were refusing to implement medical marijuana laws.

By bringing the patient’s voice to the table through ASA, we shifted the debate to the real concerns of patients: access and patients’ civil rights.  We created a vision for what safe access should look like, and the legal framework to support that vision, through the passing of state and local laws and numerous court battles.  Our extensive monitoring of law enforcement activity has helped thousands of patients to navigate the legal system, held law enforcement accountable for their actions, and established major policy changes in the California Highway Patrol and other law enforcement organizations.  On Capitol Hill we have fought back attempts to further undermine our state laws and we continue to work with members of Congress and the Administration to resolve the federal conflict.

The goal of ASA is to bring safe access to medical cannabis to every patient who needs it in America.  Your support and participation are critical in helping to realize this goal.  We want to make access to medical cannabis as safe and reliable as any other medicine.

We developed this program for a few reasons: first, we want to recognize those organizations and businesses that are supporting our work.  Secondly, our members want to support organizations and business that are supporting ASA.  This program will allow you to put funds directly into the movement while getting special benefits from ASA and other businesses like discounts on services your business needs, publicity, and discounts on advertising.

I look forward to partnering with you.


Steph Sherer

Founder and President

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