What do ASA Chapters do?

A great ASA chapter brings together vibrant activists in an environment of mutual respect, shared responsibility, and constructive political activism and creates a space for new advocates to plug into the movement. The ideal ASA chapter is networked into the larger community and is a constructive voice for patients and providers of medical cannabis.

Chapters are the true strength behind ASA's advocacy and work on local, state, and federal issues. They hold educational events and public meetings, raise funds for campaigns, lobby elected officials, organize protests, perform community outreach, and much more. 

The best ASA chapters combine the art of conversation with skilled activism. They are considered by elected officials to be a principled voice and smart resource for community leaders who are interested in addressing the question of medical cannabis. 

No Chapters in your area?

If there's not already a local group working specifically on medical cannabis, we encourage you to start an ASA chapter. Starting a new group can be a fun and challenging exercise. ASA chapters have a unique position of being connected to a national medical cannabis campaign while also maintaining the ability to work on local medical cannabis issues.

How do I start an ASA Chapter?

Launching an ASA chapter is a great way to formally bring together like-minded activists in your community to work together toward ensuring safe access to medical cannabis. ASA chapters are part of a national network of ASA activists and staff who work together on a regular basis to achieve shared goals.

  1. An ASA Chapter must have a minimum of five current ASA members to start.
  2. As soon as the membership requirement is met, the Chapter must form a core steering committee of 5-10 members and elect the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and any other positions as needed. The Chapter Core must also set a time and place for their monthly public meetings.
  3. Next, the Chapter Core must adopt the Bylaws, sign the Chapter Affiliation Agreement, and complete the Chapter Worksheet (see New Chapter Documents below).
  4. Scan and email all 3 New Chapter Documents to [email protected].

*For more information about what Chapters do and how to start a Chapter, please Download the Chapter Handbook found below or email questions to [email protected]*

Download the ASA Chapter Handbook

New Chapter Paperwork

New Chapters must submit three documents before getting approval of their chapter charter:

  1. Steering Committee Contact Form
  2. Model Chapter Bylaws
  3. ASA Chapter Affiliation Agreement

To submit Chapter paperwork, please scan and email to [email protected].

What you can do immediately:

1. Become an ASA Member

Becoming a member of ASA means you are not just supporting the medical cannabis movement, you are becoming a part of it. For as little as $35 a year you can ensure that ASA will be here to both support medical cannabis patients across the country and to fight to change the laws in order to achieve safe access. If you already believe in this work, become part of it.

2. SIGN UP to get ASA alerts

3. Go to the Advocate Training Center to find resources and print organizing materials. 

4. Call a meeting of activists, patients, and all others concerned with medical cannabis access.