2020-21 Improvements and Recommendations

After four years of inactivity, West Virginia’s patient registry finally allowed patients to begin registering in May 2021. So far, 2,150 individuals have successfully registered as patients. To access cannabis, patients would have to wait until November when the first two retailers, one in Morgantown and the other in Weston, would open. The state has issued 100 total retail licenses and plans to open them in the coming years. Regulators also weighed a proposal to allow patients to cultivate cannabis at home but did not come to a conclusive decision.

ASA recommends that regulators follow through to allow patients and caregivers to grow cannabis at home. West Virginia should also move to make delivery and curbside pickup available for all retailers as they open; these measures were popular and did a lot of work to improve access for patients. Finally, West Virginia legislators need to address the civil rights that current laws do not protect. Patients deserve protection from discrimination in field sobriety tests, housing, family court, and organ transplants.