Becoming a Caregiver, Producer, or Provider in Missouri


There are no provisions for caregivers under HB 2238; however, a parent or legal guardian must be the registered cardholder for a patient under the age of 18. Only the parent or legal guardian may acquire, possess, and administer the CBD oil to their minor child-patient.

Producers and Providers

HB 2238 does include provisions for producers and providers of CBD oil (known under Missouri law as "hemp extract"). The CBD oil must be at least 5% CBD and no more than 0.3% THC and contain no other psychoactive substance. The producers and providers are not vertically integrated, and are known as "cultivation and production facilities" and "cannabidiol oil care centers" respectively. However, production in Missouri seems unlikely, as producers must adhere to federal regulations for the production of CBD, which is currently a Schedule I substance. As such, production and distribution under HB 2238 is not likely to occur.