Fundraising Tips for raising money for your campaign

You are going to need to raise some money to mount a campaign to adopt an ordinance licensing commercial medical cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, sales, and testing in your city or county. How much money you need depends on the scope of your campaign. In the “Write Your Campaign Plan” section of this website, we discussed developing an appropriate budget as part of you campaign plan. This section explores ways to raise that money.

Most people do not like asking for money. Nevertheless, it is an important and necessary part of any campaign. You should not feel awkward about asking community members, stakeholders, and others to support a cause in which they believe. Most people who support your efforts cannot or will not participate in the day-to-day work of passing an ordinance or a voter imitative, but they can help make it happen through financial support. Remember that when you ask for a donation, you are not asking for a favor. You are giving the donor a chance to support and participate in a cause in which he or she believes.

A lot of people will say no when you ask for money. Do not be discouraged. Hearing no is a part of the process, and it is almost certainly not personal. Just keep asking. Part of a fundraisers job is to sort through all the potential donors and find out who will and will not give. In that regard, hearing no to a fundraising request means you are accomplishing part of you job!

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In This Section

Getting Ready

There are a few logistics you should consider at the beginning of your fundraising effort. These will help you be a better fundraiser and avoid some common pitfalls.

Why People Give

Donors have numerous motives for giving, and just as many reasons why they do not. You may not know every donor’s motives or objections, but it pays to be aware of the most common reasons people do and do not give. As you gain more experience in fundraising, you will be better at speaking to motives and overcoming objections.

Whom to Ask

Whom should you ask for money to support your campaign? The simplest answer is everyone. You never know who will and will not donate, so cast a wide net. In the “Why People Give” section of this website, we discuss motives for giving and reasons why people do not give. It is a good idea to consider how those motives and objections might apply to each of the potential donors on this page.