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  • Let's talk about medical cannabis and the election

    CA State AssemblyContents:

    • Message from the CA Director: Let's talk about medical cannabis and the election
    • State & Local News: California, Santa Ana, Santa Cruz, La Mesa, Nevada County, De Luz, Berkeley
    • Public Meetings & Events: San Francisco, Santa Ana, Washington DC, and online
    • Court Support: Los Angeles, Visalia, and more
    • Take Action Now: Pardon Dr. Mollie Fry, Join the ASA-CCSA Discussion List, Support the Medical Marijuana Organ Transplant Act
    • ASA Website Spotlight: Resources for Patients
    • Chapter & Affiliate Meetings: Grass Valley, Yuba County

    Election Day in California is over, and medical cannabis advocates can expect a legislative playing field in 2015 that is largely unchanged from this year. Seventeen Assembly Members identified as medical cannabis supporters were up for election on Tuesday. Fifteen were reelected to their offices, and two were elected to serve in the Senate.  Fifteen Assembly Members identified as opponents were seeking reelection, but only thirteen succeeded. The supporter/opponent ratio in the Senate, where only twenty out of forty seats were on the ballot, remained unchanged.

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  • Local bans call for action. Are you ready?

    Supervisor JeffriesContents:

    • Message from the CA Director: Local bans call for action. Are you ready?
    • State & Local News: National, state, and local news from communities all over California
    • Public Meetings & Events: Riverside, Ventura, Washington, DC, and online
    • Court Support: Redding and more
    • Take Action Now: Tell Riverside County Not to Ban Cultivation
    • ASA Website Spotlight: Advocacy
    • Chapter & Affiliate Meetings: None this week

    Pictured: Riverside County Supervisor Kevin Jeffries

    The Riverside County Board of Supervisors delayed a vote on an ordinance banning medical cannabis cultivation in the unincorporated areas of Riverside County until November 25. That is good news for local advocates, who need more time to rally the base in opposition to the proposed ban. See the Take Action section of this message to find out what you can do to help right now.

    The proposal by Supervisor Jefferies is the latest in a series of moves by local governments to roll back the right of legal patients and caregivers to cultivate medical cannabis. Lake County banned cultivation in June, and the ACLU is currently challenging a ban adopted by Fresno County in March. Other cities and counties may soon follow suit.

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