CJS Amendment Floor Vote May 2012 2016 Congressional Scorecard

The 2012 CJS Medical Marijuana Amendment was sponsored by Representatives Hinchey (D-NY), Rohrabacher (R-CA), Farr (D-CA), and McClintock (R-CA), to the House Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies for FY2013. The amendment would have blocked the Department of Justice (DOJ) from using its funds to prevent the implementation of state-authorized medical marijuana programs. This would have prevented the DOJ from arresting and prosecuting medical marijuana patients and providers acting in compliance with state law. The amendment was defeated 163-262 on May 9, 2012.

Vote Breakdown

Name Party State District Vote
Young, Don Check mark icon Republican AK AYE
Byrne, Bradley Republican AL 1 Not in Office
Roby, Martha Republican AL 2 NO
Rogers, Mike Republican AL 3 NO
Aderholt, Robert Republican AL 4 NO
Brooks, Mo Republican AL 5 NO
Palmer, Gary Republican AL 6 Not in Office
Sewell, Terri Democrat AL 7 NO
Crawford, Rick Republican AR 1 NO
Hill, French Republican AR 2 Not in Office
Womack, Steve Republican AR 3 NO
Westerman, Bruce Republican AR 4 Not in Office
Kirkpatrick, Ann Democrat AZ 1 Not in Office
McSally, Martha Republican AZ 2
Grijalva, Raul Check mark icon Democrat AZ 3 AYE
Gosar, Paul Republican AZ 4 NO
Salmon, Matt Republican AZ 5 Not in Office
Schweikert, David Republican AZ 6 NO
Gallego, Ruben Democrat AZ 7 Not in Office
Franks, Trent Republican AZ 8 NO
Sinema, Kyrsten Democrat AZ 9 Not in Office
La Malfa, Doug Republican CA 1 Not in Office
Huffman, Jared Democrat CA 2 Not in Office
Garamendi, John Democrat CA 3 AYE
McClintock, Tom Check mark icon Republican CA 4 AYE
Thompson, Mike Democrat CA 5 AYE
Matsui, Doris Democrat CA 6 AYE
Bera, Ami Democrat CA 7 Not in Office
Cook, Paul Republican CA 8 Not in Office
McNerney, Jerry Democrat CA 9 AYE
Denham, Jeff Republican CA 10 NO
DeSaulnier, Mark Democrat CA 11 Not in Office
Pelosi, Nancy Democrat CA 12 AYE
Lee, Barbara Check mark icon Democrat CA 13 AYE
Speier, Jackie Democrat CA 14 AYE
Swalwell, Eric Check mark icon Democrat CA 15 Not in Office
Costa, Jim Democrat CA 16 NO
Honda, Mike Democrat CA 17 AYE
Eshoo, Anna Democrat CA 18 AYE
Lofgren, Zoe Check mark icon Democrat CA 19 AYE
Farr, Sam Check mark icon Democrat CA 20 AYE
Valadao, David Republican CA 21 Not in Office
Nunes, Devin Republican CA 22 NO
McCarthy, Kevin Republican CA 23 NO
Capps, Lois Democrat CA 24 AYE
Knight, Stephen Republican CA 25 Not in Office
Brownley, Julia Check mark icon Democrat CA 26 Not in Office
Chu, Judy Democrat CA 27 AYE
Schiff, Adam Democrat CA 28 AYE
Cardenas, Tony Democrat CA 29 Not in Office
Sherman, Brad Check mark icon Democrat CA 30 AYE
Aguilar, Pete Democrat CA 31 Not in Office
Napolitano, Grace Democrat CA 32 AYE
Lieu, Ted Check mark icon Democrat CA 33 Not in Office
Becerra, Xavier Democrat CA 34 AYE
Torres, Norma Democrat CA 35 Not in Office
Ruiz, Raul Democrat CA 36 Not in Office
Bass, Karen Democrat CA 37 AYE
Sanchez, Linda Democrat CA 38 AYE
Royce, Ed Republican CA 39 AYE
Roybal-Allard, Lucille Democrat CA 40 AYE
Takano, Mark Democrat CA 41 Not in Office
Calvert, Ken Republican CA 42 NO
Waters, Maxine Democrat CA 43 NO
Hahn, Janice Democrat CA 44 AYE
Walters, Mimi Republican CA 45 Not in Office
Sanchez, Loretta Democrat CA 46 AYE
Lowenthal, Alan Democrat CA 47 Not in Office
Rohrabacher, Dana Check mark icon Republican CA 48 AYE
Issa, Darrell Republican CA 49 NO
Hunter, Duncan Check mark icon Republican CA 50 NO
Vargas, Juan Democrat CA 51 Not in Office
Peters, Scott Democrat CA 52 Not in Office
Davis, Susan Democrat CA 53 AYE
DeGette, Diana Democrat CO 1 AYE
Polis, Jared Check mark icon Democrat CO 2 AYE
Tipton, Scott Republican CO 3 NO
Buck, Ken Republican CO 4 Not in Office
Lamborn, Doug Republican CO 5 NO
Coffman, Mike Check mark icon Republican CO 6 NO
Perlmutter, Ed Check mark icon Democrat CO 7 AYE
Larson, John Democrat CT 1 AYE
Courtney, Joe Democrat CT 2 AYE
DeLauro, Rosa Democrat CT 3 AYE
Himes, Jim Democrat CT 4 AYE
Esty, Elizabeth Democrat CT 5 Not in Office
Norton, Eleanor Holmes Check mark icon Democrat DC Did Not Vote
Carney, Jr., John Democrat DE AYE
Miller, Jeff Republican FL 1 NO
Graham, Gwen Democrat FL 2 Not in Office
Yoho, Ted Republican FL 3 Not in Office
Crenshaw, Ander Republican FL 4 NO
Brown, Corinne Democrat FL 5 NO
DeSantis, Ron Republican FL 6 Not in Office
Mica, John Republican FL 7 NO
Posey, Bill Republican FL 8 NO
Grayson, Alan Democrat FL 9 Not in Office
Webster, Daniel Republican FL 10 NO
Nugent, Richard Republican FL 11 NO
Bilirakis, Gus Republican FL 12 NO
Jolly, David Republican FL 13 NO
Castor, Kathy Democrat FL 14 AYE
Ross, Dennis Republican FL 15 NO
Buchanan, Vern Republican FL 16 NO
Rooney, Tom Republican FL 17 NO
Murphy, Patrick Democrat FL 18 Not in Office
Clawson, Curt Republican FL 19 Not in Office
Hastings, Alcee Democrat FL 20 AYE
Deutch, Ted Check mark icon Democrat FL 21 AYE
Frankel, Lois Check mark icon Democrat FL 22 Not in Office
Wasserman Schultz, Debbie Democrat FL 23 NO
Wilson, Frederica Democrat FL 24 AYE
Diaz-Balart, Mario Republican FL 25 NO
Curbelo, Carlos Republican FL 26 Not in Office
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana Republican FL 27 NO
Carter, Earl Republican GA 1 Not in Office
Bishop, Jr., Sanford Check mark icon Democrat GA 2 NO
Westmoreland, Lynn Republican GA 3 NO
Johnson, Hank Check mark icon Democrat GA 4 AYE
Lewis, John Democrat GA 5 AYE
Price, Tom Republican GA 6 NO
Woodall, Rob Republican GA 7 NO
Scott, Austin Republican GA 8 NO
Collins, Doug Republican GA 9 Not in Office
Hice, Jody Republican GA 10 Not in Office
Loudermilk, Barry Republican GA 11 Not in Office
Allen, Rick Republican GA 12 Not in Office
Scott, David Democrat GA 13 NO
Graves, Tom Republican GA 14 NO
Takai, Mark Democrat HI 1 Not in Office
Gabbard, Tulsi Check mark icon Democrat HI 2 Not in Office
Blum, Rod Republican IA 1 Not in Office
Loebsack, Dave Democrat IA 2 AYE
Young, David Republican IA 3 Not in Office
King, Steve Republican IA 4 NO
Labrador, Raul Republican ID 1 NO
Simpson, Michael Republican ID 2 NO
Rush, Bobby Democrat IL 1 AYE
Kelly, Robin Democrat IL 2 NO
Lipinski, Daniel Democrat IL 3 NO
Gutierrez, Luis Democrat IL 4 AYE
Quigley, Mike Democrat IL 5 AYE
Roskam, Peter Republican IL 6 NO
Davis, Danny Democrat IL 7 AYE
Duckworth, Tammy Democrat IL 8 Not in Office
Schakowsky, Janice Check mark icon Democrat IL 9 AYE
Dold, Robert Republican IL 10 NO
Foster, Bill Democrat IL 11 Not in Office
Bost, Mike Republican IL 12 Not in Office
Davis, Rodney Republican IL 13 Not in Office
Hultgren, Randy Republican IL 14 NO
Shimkus, John Republican IL 15 NO
Kinzinger, Adam Republican IL 16 NO
Bustos, Cheri Democrat IL 17 Not in Office
LaHood, Darin Republican IL 18 NO
Visclocky, Peter Democrat IN 1 AYE
Walorski, Jackie Republican IN 2 Not in Office
Stutzman, Marlin Republican IN 3 NO
Rokita, Todd Republican IN 4 NO
Brooks, Susan Republican IN 5 Not in Office
Messer, Luke Republican IN 6 Not in Office
Carson, Andre Democrat IN 7 AYE
Bucshon, Larry Republican IN 8 NO
Young, Todd Republican IN 9 AYE
Huelskamp, Tim Republican KS 1 NO
Jenkins, Lynn Republican KS 2 NO
Yoder, Kevin Republican KS 3 NO
Pompeo, Mike Republican KS 4 NO
Whitfield, Ed Republican KY 1 NO
Guthrie, Brett Republican KY 2 NO
Yarmuth, John Democrat KY 3 AYE
Massie, Thomas Check mark icon Republican KY 4 NO
Rogers, Hal Republican KY 5 NO
Barr, Andy Republican KY 6 Not in Office
Scalise, Steve Republican LA 1 NO
Richmond, Cedric Democrat LA 2 NO
Boustany, Charles Republican LA 3 NO
Fleming, John Republican LA 4 NO
Abraham, Ralph Republican LA 5 Not in Office
Graves, Garret Republican LA 6 Not in Office
Neal, Richard Democrat MA 1 AYE
McGovern, Jim Democrat MA 2 AYE
Tsongas, Niki Democrat MA 3 AYE
Kennedy, III, Joseph Democrat MA 4 Not in Office
Clark, Katherine Democrat MA 5 NO
Moulton, Seth Democrat MA 6 Not in Office
Capuano, Michael Democrat MA 7 AYE
Lynch, Stephen Democrat MA 8 NO
Keating, William Democrat MA 9 NO
Harris, Andy Republican MD 1 NO
Ruppersberger, Dutch Democrat MD 2 NO
Sarbanes, John Democrat MD 3 AYE
Edwards, Donna Democrat MD 4 AYE
Hoyer, Steny Democrat MD 5 AYE
Delaney, John Democrat MD 6 Not in Office
Cummings, Elijah Democrat MD 7 NO
Van Hollen, Chris Check mark icon Democrat MD 8 AYE
Pingree, Chellie Check mark icon Democrat ME 1 AYE
Poliquin, Bruce Republican ME 2 Not in Office
Benishek, Dan Republican MI 1 AYE
Huizenga, Bill Republican MI 2 NO
Amash, Justin Republican MI 3 AYE
Moolenaar, John Republican MI 4 Not in Office
Kildee, Dan Democrat MI 5 Not in Office
Upton, Fred Republican MI 6 AYE
Walberg, Tim Republican MI 7 NO
Bishop, Mike Republican MI 8 NO
Levin, Sander Democrat MI 9 NO
Miller, Candice Republican MI 10 NO
Trott, David Republican MI 11 Not in Office
Dingell, Debbie Democrat MI 12 Not in Office
Conyers, John Check mark icon Democrat MI 13 AYE
Lawrence, Brenda Democrat MI 14 Not in Office
Walz, Tim Democrat MN 1 AYE
Kline, John Republican MN 2 NO
Paulsen, Erik Republican MN 3 NO
McCollum, Betty Democrat MN 4 AYE
Ellison, Keith Democrat MN 5 AYE
Emmer, Tom Republican MN 6 Not in Office
Peterson, Collin Democrat MN 7 NO
Nolan, Rick Democrat MN 8 Not in Office
Clay, William Lacy Democrat MO 1 AYE
Wagner, Ann Republican MO 2 Not in Office
Leutkemeyer, Blaine Republican MO 3 NO
Hartzler, Vicki Republican MO 4 NO
Cleaver, Emanuel Democrat MO 5 NO
Graves, Sam Republican MO 6 NO
Long, Billy Republican MO 7 NO
Smith, Jason Republican MO 8 NO
Kelly, Trent Republican MS 1 NO
Thompson, Bennie Democrat MS 2 AYE
Harper, Gregg Republican MS 3 NO
Palazzo, Steven Republican MS 4 NO
Zinke, Ryan Republican MT Not in Office
Butterfield, G.K. Democrat NC 1 AYE
Ellmers, Renee Republican NC 2 NO
Jones, Walter Check mark icon Republican NC 3 NO
Price, David Democrat NC 4 AYE
Foxx, Virginia Republican NC 5 NO
Walker, Mark Republican NC 6 Not in Office
Rouzer, David Republican NC 7 Not in Office
Hudson, Richard Republican NC 8 Not in Office
Pittenger, Robert Republican NC 9 Not in Office
McHenry, Patrick Republican NC 10 NO
Meadows, Mark Republican NC 11 Not in Office
Adams, Alma Democrat NC 12 Not in Office
Holding, George Republican NC 13 Not in Office
Cramer, Kevin Republican ND Not in Office
Fortenberry, Jeff Republican NE 1 NO
Ashford, Brad Democrat NE 2 Not in Office
Smith, Adrian Republican NE 3 NO
Guinta, Frank Republican NH 1 NO
Kuster, Annie Democrat NH 2 Not in Office
Norcross, Donald Democrat NJ 1 Not in Office
LoBiondo, Frank Republican NJ 2 NO
MacArthur, Tom Republican NJ 3 Not in Office
Smith, Chris Republican NJ 4 NO
Garrett, Scott Republican NJ 5 AYE
Pallone, Frank Democrat NJ 6 AYE
Lance, Leonard Republican NJ 7 NO
Sires, Albio Democrat NJ 8 AYE
Pascrell, Bill Democrat NJ 9 AYE
Payne, Jr., Donald Democrat NJ 10 NO
Frelinghuysen, Rodney Republican NJ 11 NO
Coleman, Bonnie Democrat NJ 12 Not in Office
Lujan Grisham, Michelle Check mark icon Democrat NM 1 Not in Office
Pearce, Steve Republican NM 2 NO
Lujan, Ben Ray Democrat NM 3 AYE
Titus, Dina Check mark icon Democrat NV 1 Not in Office
Amodei, Mark Republican NV 2 NO
Heck, Joe Check mark icon Republican NV 3 NO
Hardy, Cresent Republican NV 4 Not in Office
Zeldin, Lee Republican NY 1 Not in Office
King, Peter Republican NY 2 NO
Israel, Steve Democrat NY 3 AYE
Rice, Kathleen Democrat NY 4 Not in Office
Meeks, Gregory Democrat NY 5 Did Not Vote
Meng, Grace Democrat NY 6 Not in Office
Velazquez, Nydia Democrat NY 7 AYE
Jeffries, Hakeem Check mark icon Democrat NY 8 Not in Office
Clarke, Yvette Democrat NY 9 AYE
Nadler, Jerrold Check mark icon Democrat NY 10 AYE
Donovan , Daniel Republican NY 11 AYE
Maloney, Carolyn Democrat NY 12 AYE
Rangel, Charles Democrat NY 13 AYE
Crowley, Joseph Democrat NY 14 AYE
Serrano, Jose Democrat NY 15 AYE
Engel, Eliot Democrat NY 16 AYE
Lowey, Nita Democrat NY 17 AYE
Maloney, Sean Check mark icon Democrat NY 18 Not in Office
Gibson, Chris Republican NY 19 NO
Tonko, Paul Democrat NY 20 AYE
Stefanik, Elise Republican NY 21 Not in Office
Hanna, Richard Check mark icon Republican NY 22 AYE
Reed, Tom Republican NY 23 NO
Katko, John Republican NY 24 Not in Office
Slaughter, Louise Democrat NY 25 Did Not Vote
Higgins, Brian Democrat NY 26 AYE
Collins, Chris Republican NY 27 Not in Office
Chabot, Steve Republican OH 1 NO
Wenstrup, Brad Republican OH 2 NO
Beatty, Joyce Democrat OH 3 Not in Office
Jordan, Jim Republican OH 4 NO
Latta, Bob Republican OH 5 NO
Johnson, Bill Republican OH 6 NO
Gibbs, Bob Republican OH 7 NO
Davidson, Warren Republican OH 8 Did Not Vote
Kaptur, Marcy Democrat OH 9 NO
Turner, Mike Republican OH 10 NO
Fudge, Marcia Democrat OH 11 AYE
Tiberi, Pat Republican OH 12 NO
Ryan, Tim Democrat OH 13 NO
Joyce, David Republican OH 14 Not in Office
Stivers, Steve Republican OH 15 NO
Renacci, Jim Republican OH 16 NO
Bridenstine, Jim Republican OK 1 Not in Office
Mullin, Markwayne Republican OK 2 Not in Office
Lucas, Frank Republican OK 3 NO
Cole, Tom Republican OK 4 NO
Russell, Steve Republican OK 5 Not in Office
Bonamici, Suzanne Democrat OR 1 AYE
Walden, Greg Republican OR 2 NO
Blumenauer, Earl Check mark icon Democrat OR 3 AYE
DeFazio, Peter Check mark icon Democrat OR 4 AYE
Schrader, Kurt Democrat OR 5 NO
Brady, Robert Democrat PA 1 AYE
Fattah, Chaka Democrat PA 2 AYE
Kelly, Mike Republican PA 3 NO
Perry, Scott Republican PA 4 Not in Office
Thompson, Glenn Republican PA 5 NO
Costello, Ryan Republican PA 6 Not in Office
Meehan, Patrick Republican PA 7 NO
Fitzpatrick, Michael Republican PA 8 NO
Shuster, Bill Republican PA 9 NO
Marino, Tom Republican PA 10 NO
Barletta, Lou Republican PA 11 NO
Rothfus, Keith Republican PA 12 Not in Office
Boyle, Brendan Democrat PA 13 Not in Office
Doyle, Michael Democrat PA 14 AYE
Dent, Charlie Republican PA 15 NO
Pitts, Joseph Republican PA 16 NO
Cartwright, Matt Democrat PA 17 Not in Office
Murphy, Tim Republican PA 18 NO
Cicilline, David Democrat RI 1 AYE
Langevin, James Democrat RI 2 AYE
Sanford, Mark Check mark icon Republican SC 1 NO
Wilson, Joe Republican SC 2 NO
Duncan, Jeff Republican SC 3 NO
Gowdy, Trey Republican SC 4 NO
Mulvaney, Mick Check mark icon Republican SC 5 AYE
Clyburn, James Democrat SC 6 NO
Rice, Tom Check mark icon Republican SC 7 Not in Office
Noem, Kristi Republican SD NO
Roe, Phil Republican TN 1 NO
Duncan, Jr., John Republican TN 2 NO
Fleischmann, Charles Republican TN 3 NO
DesJarlais, Scott Republican TN 4 NO
Cooper, Jim Democrat TN 5 NO
Black, Diane Republican TN 6 NO
Blackburn, Marsha Republican TN 7 NO
Fincher, Stephen Lee Republican TN 8 NO
Cohen, Steve Check mark icon Democrat TN 9 AYE
Gohmert, Louie Republican TX 1 NO
Poe, Ted Republican TX 2 NO
Johnson, Sam Republican TX 3 NO
Ratcliffe, John Republican TX 4 Not in Office
Hensarling, Jeb Republican TX 5 NO
Barton, Joe Republican TX 6 NO
Culberson, John Republican TX 7 NO
Brady, Kevin Republican TX 8 NO
Green, Al Democrat TX 9 AYE
McCaul, Michael Republican TX 10 NO
Conaway, Mike Republican TX 11 NO
Granger, Kay Republican TX 12 NO
Thornberry, Mac Republican TX 13 NO
Weber, Randy Republican TX 14 Not in Office
Hinojosa, Ruben Democrat TX 15 NO
O'Rourke, Beto Check mark icon Democrat TX 16 Not in Office
Flores, Bill Republican TX 17 NO
Jackson Lee, Sheila Democrat TX 18 AYE
Neugebauer, Randy Republican TX 19 NO
Castro, Joaquin Democrat TX 20 Not in Office
Smith, Lamar Republican TX 21 NO
Olson, Pete Republican TX 22 NO
Hurd, Will Republican TX 23 Not in Office
Marchant, Kenny Republican TX 24 NO
Williams, Roger Republican TX 25 Not in Office
Burgess, Michael Republican TX 26 NO
Farenthold, Blake Republican TX 27 NO
Cuellar, Henry Democrat TX 28 NO
Green, Gene Democrat TX 29 NO
Johnson, Eddie Bernice Democrat TX 30 AYE
Carter, John Republican TX 31 NO
Sessions, Pete Republican TX 32 NO
Veasey, Marc Democrat TX 33 Not in Office
Vela, Filemon Democrat TX 34 Not in Office
Doggett, Lloyd Democrat TX 35 AYE
Babin, Brian Republican TX 36 Not in Office
Bishop, Rob Republican UT 1 NO
Stewart, Chris Republican UT 2 Not in Office
Chaffetz, Jason Republican UT 3 NO
Love, Mia Republican UT 4 Not in Office
Wittman, Rob Republican VA 1 NO
Rigell, Scott Republican VA 2 NO
Scott, Robert Democrat VA 3 AYE
Forbes, Randy Republican VA 4 NO
Hurt, Robert Republican VA 5 NO
Goodlatte, Bob Republican VA 6 NO
Brat, David Republican VA 7 Not in Office
Beyer, Don Check mark icon Democrat VA 8 Not in Office
Griffith, Morgan Republican VA 9 NO
Comstock, Barbara Republican VA 10 Not in Office
Connolly, Gerald Check mark icon Democrat VA 11 AYE
Welch, Peter Democrat VT AYE
DelBene, Suzan Check mark icon Democrat WA 1 NO
Larsen, Rick Democrat WA 2 NO
Herrera Beutler, Jaime Republican WA 3 NO
Newhouse, Dan Republican WA 4 Not in Office
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy Republican WA 5 NO
Kilmer, Derek Democrat WA 6 Not in Office
McDermott, Jim Democrat WA 7 AYE
Reichert, Dave Republican WA 8 NO
Smith, Adam Democrat WA 9 AYE
Heck, Denny Democrat WA 10 Not in Office
Ryan, Paul Republican WI 1 NO
Pocan, Mark Democrat WI 2 Not in Office
Kind, Ron Democrat WI 3 NO
Moore, Gwen Democrat WI 4 AYE
Sensenbrenner, Jim Republican WI 5 NO
Grothman, Glenn Republican WI 6 Not in Office
Duffy, Sean Republican WI 7 NO
Ribble, Reid Republican WI 8 AYE
McKinley, David Republican WV 1 NO
Mooney, Alex Republican WV 2 Not in Office
Jenkins, Evan Republican WV 3 NO
Lummis, Cynthia Republican WY AYE