Urge the Senate to Protect Existing State Medical Programs

| Geoffrey Marshall

contact congressThe U.S Senate has done more work on the subject of medical cannabis in the past year than any time since the passage of the Controlled Substances Act in 1970. While the Senate Appropriations Committee has taken steps to limit federal interference with state medical cannabis laws, most Senate offices are still focused on the issue of research.

While lifting barriers to research is important, it is also necessary that the federal government end the crackdown on state medical cannabis programs and the patients who rely upon them. The CARERS Act (S.683) would protect all existing state medical cannabis programs from federal interference, as well as ease restrictions surrounding research.

Please take action to let your senators know that medical cannabis patients need protection today in addition to easing restriction on research. Please call and email your senators to let them know that they should sign on to the CARERS Act in order to protect existing state medical cannabis programs and the patients who rely upon them.

And if your senator(s) have already signed on as cosponsors, please call to thank them for their support. Thanking legislators when they stand up for medical cannabis encourages them to do more on behalf of patients.

Call and email your senators now!

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